A Story About Forgiveness

One small boy wanted to surprise his dad with a gift. Later his dad saw that in the house all the paper was destroyed. He was really mad, because of it, he knew that only his young son could do something like that. So next moment when his son came in the room, his dad slapped him in the face..."What did you do!? How many times have I told you not to touch those things!?" But dad...the boy was fighting with tears and cry... that paper I used to pack your gift...I thought that it would help you after all those problems at work...

His father was totally crushed and in pain...But his pride and anger didn't make him apologize to his son. That night his son went to sleep with the tears in his eyes. That night his father couldn't sleep. In the morning he was waiting for his son to give him a morning hug. The door opened and his son ran to him with a smile on the face. His love for his dad was so pure, that he still loved him with all his heart.

“Dad here is your gift!” While he was opening the present he felt so ashamed and bad. But, as he was opening the gift, his anger was growing and growing.- the box was empty. During the night his father couldn't lay down from an annoyance, he forgot how bad he felt last night...He screamed: “Will you never learn anything!? You never give a gift box empty-never! You are not that stupid, are you! You destroyed all that paper...”. The boy was crying again: "But dad, he box is not empty I put hundreds of kisses in it!”.

Later the boy died, but his father is still carrying that box around...and people say that every night before he goes to bed he put one kiss into the box.

Message: God gave as a gift for loving other people and we should use it. Even when we are sad, angry, with somebody, we should always remember that in every human being God put a million ways in which to love others. We should always forgive and ask for mercy. 

Bro. Alej (Sarajevo, Bosnia)

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