Kenya - The need for Registration

I was so sorry to hear the report from Nanyuki - Kenya from some brothers of their arrest and conviction for holding a gathering without a society’s registration certificate.  Some of us are very much concerned with this serious issue.  In Nanyuki we don’t have any recognised C.B.M. ecclesia (brothers and sisters), but there might be some who could have been baptised from a Kenyan ecclesia.  We have been reading from Gospel News about some writing from unknown ecclesias in Kenya.  We want to help each other by putting the point that, wherever you are, being a brother or sister (having been baptised in the Christadelphian’s faith) or maybe learning the truth with the Christadelphians, to find a nearby ecclesia to be fellowshipping with it.  Kenyan ecclesias are constructed by seven recognised areas with their ecclesias. 

Anybody who wishes to join our fellowship is welcome, call or write to us.  Isolation can be avoided, so get near to others rather then just reading about them.  At least each ecclesia has a copy of a registration certificate.  Again the C.B.M. is ready to establish an ecclesial meeting anywhere, as long as there are some baptised, serious members.

 Contact : Bro. Lazarus Kingoo, Kenya Central Area - P.O. Box 170 Matuu-90119
 tel. 0733530409/07203371181   or e-mail.


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