January - April 2014

Brethren, Sisters and Sunday School Children at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp | Malawi

EDITORIAL: The Power of God's Word


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Does God Torture People in Hell? Bro. Alan Hayward (UK)
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Jesus the Teacher
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Jesus Christ Will Come Again Bro. Ralph Green
The Pope's Change of Mind
Blessed Is The Man Whose Delight Is In Yahweh's Law Bro. Sylvester Tembo
New Wine
Youth Camp at Lake Kariba Zimbabwe Bro. Collen Banda Yelulani
"Men at the Gate" Bro Robin Lamplough
Resettlement of our Refugee Brethren Sis. Esther Worrell
Confessions Bro. Fibion Ngozi
A Worker Approved by God Bro. Gideon Hankamone