view as web pdf Jesus the Teacher

(Mark 2:13)

Bro. David Yelulani

(Banket, Zimbabwe)

Teachers often exert a strong influence on the pupils they teach. It goes far beyond the simple transfer of knowledge. Good teachers provide role-models, impart wisdom, set professional standards and inspire their students to growth and achievement. They also attract students to their subjects. Ask any University where the biggest depart- ment is, and you will almost certainly find a brilliant teacher is the professor and head.

Jesus was a good teacher, and he drew large crowds. His teaching was simple. He spoke about everyday things which the people understood and to which they could relate. His teaching was deep. He touched people in the core of their being. He was never superficial or trivial. He stirred their imagination and caused them to despise their own superficiality. He introduced them to the real God and showed them the inadequacy of their own, shallow faith. He challenged them to rise above the petty and the narrow. He loved the people he taught. He believed in them and encouraged them to grow to heights they had previously not known. He lived whatever he taught. In dying he taught them more than his words ever said.

The greatness of his teaching is measured not by the size of the crowds who listened, but by the spiritual stature which his followers attain. How good a student of Jesus are you?

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