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(Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania)

Patrick Julius Mduta

I realized there is something to know about God, Jesus Christ and the good news of the Kingdom of God in general. Really, there is no other book other than the Bible.

I am from the Catholic Church, and my late father and mother were both Catholic members. The class where I attend at "Sinza" ecclesia at Kigogo area under my tutor Mr Ayubu Sazi is helping me to learn the gospel. The class at "Sinza" Kigogo was given to teach the truth about man, God, angels, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit gifts, and to know the truth about the difference between God and Jesus Christ. I am still going on with my Bible course at Sinza and my tutor is helping me to search the Bible. I hope that God will be with me. I think that soon I will become a Christadelphian member.

Patrick Julius Mduta

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