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(Bungoma, Kenya)

We have kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers in the modern world. Among these, not one can be measured against our Lord Jesus Christ. He is not just different but unique. He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He is a son of Adam, the Saviour, the son of David, the lamb of God, the only mediator and, importantly, the coming king. Jesus is the only king who was born a king. He is the King of the Jews, an ethnic king and King of Israel, a national king.

David said, "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork." Jesus is the only king for whom there is no means of measuring his limitless love. No telescope can bring him into visibility. He is enduringly strong and the centrepiece of civilisation. Our Lord Jesus Christ stands alone in himself, and belief in him brings hope. This hope can give us glory.

Our Lord is unparalleled and unprecedented. The way he conducted himself while still living in this world means we can have total trust in him. He is the grandest idea not only in the Bible but in any literature. He is the highest personality in philosophy. When we are faced with problems and tribulations, let us turn to him, for he is the supreme protector in time of criticism. He is the fundamental principle of spiritual religion. If we want to excel in life and become great people, let us not trust in our own minds. Let us put our trust in him, for he is the key to knowledge and the wellspring of wisdom.

If we live according to his will, doing what we are required as Christians, showing great mercy and being mindful of neighbours, preaching peace to all, then we may be able to bring faith in Christ to others. Though it is impossible to live one hundred per cent like Jesus, let us try to follow his example. There is always room for forgiveness once we admit that we have sinned and fallen far short of the glory of our Lord Jesus. Let us appreciate that all great and honourable actions are accompanied with great difficulty and we must seek courage from our Lord.

Brothers and sisters, you can't outlive him and you can't live without him. The Pharisees couldn't stand him, but they couldn't stop him, and the grave couldn't hold him. Every knee shall bow and worship him, and every mouth proclaim he is the true king.

Once we believe, our life won't be the same again. There will be happiness and joy during his reign when he comes back as the king to rule the whole world. May he come soon, God willing.

Newly baptized members of the seed of Abraham in China

Bro. Nasingo Haron

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