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KERALA | Bro Thomas Thambi

Sis Nimisha George was baptised by her father Bro T P George. Sis Nimisha is studying for Ist year commerce graduation. After baptism Bro M A Joykutty gave an exhortation.

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Bro Santosh Sharma

The wonderful Calendar has created quite a bit of interest and my son Samyog, who was only 10 when Duncan visited us is now 21 and has taken it to College where he is an undergraduate. In my work I often make visits to remote and backward areas and always take the NEV New Testament and Bible Basics and explain to them the Truth.

The picture shows me telling them the gospel message and holding them up to a group of people in Ilam in Eastern Nepal.

* * * * More calendars and Bibles have been sent to Bro Sharma for those showing exceptional interest, it is an area where much literature would be very useful. MH

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BIBLE EDUCATION CENTRE, VALENCIA CITY | Courtesy of the BEC Philippines Team

To cater for the increased number of visitors and Brothers and Sisters, and with the intention of furthering the promotion of the Bible Education Centre’s (BEC) preaching work in Valencia City, the BEC shop in central Mindanao has been relocated last September to a better and more strategically located site, situated in one of the main roads of the city. The increased space afforded can comfortably accommodate the regular Bible classes and preaching seminars as well as the individual discussions with friends. It also enables us to better display the extensive library of books, leaflets and Bible study aids available to our visitors and encourage them to stay for a discussion over a cup of coffee.

The members of Mailag Ecclesia actively support the BEC work and hope that through our Heavenly Father’s blessing yet more may come to accept the call of the gospel and the good news of the Kingdom of God and name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

The local young people enthusiastically volunteered to assist Bro Michael Alesna in transferring to the new location, giving their time to the tasks of cleaning, painting and setting up the new facility.

The Mailag and Kalilangan young people have also collaborated to promote the work of the BEC by distributing flyers in the city as well as informing all current and former students of the new BEC shop location.

To train and further enhance the ability of the young brethren in leading studies, a roster of speakers has been prepared for the BEC shop schedule.

The new location has already proven effective, enticing new students from the passing traffic to visit. One-on-one Bible discussions are the major task of our volunteers and young people manning the shop.

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