Gospel News · January - April 2019

God’s extraordinary work is most often done by ordinary people in the
seeming obscurity of a home and family.” Neal A Maxwell
KINSHASA | Bro Marcus Losah
News from Congo
We are happy to announce to the Christadel-
phian community that from 25 – 28 October
2018 we were able to meet with the ecclesias
of Nkana, Luvaka, Kwilu-ngongo, Maluku,
Mbandaka et Kunzulu. The meeting went well
and we were reunited by the Word of God and
exhorted on the following themes: ‘Satan and
the Devil’ by Bro Kims, ‘The Angels and their
nature’ by Bro Oswald, ‘Death’ by Bro Vincent,
‘Jesus Christ and His nature’ by Bro Jadot,
‘The Kingdom of God’ by Bro Zambrotta, ‘The
Resurrection’ by Bro Shako and ‘The promise
of God and the baptism’ by myself, Bro Losah.
On the Sunday we were given words of exhor-
tation by Bro Nzila Mosi from Kwilu-ngongo,
and Bro Jean-Marie Balabala from Mbandaka
led us in the breaking of bread. We shared the
bread and cup of our Lord with brothers and
sisters and in the presence of several friends.
This meeting permitted us to strengthen our
faith and encouraged us to follow the way of
our Lord Jesus-Christ, despite the many trou-
bles of this current life. May God bless us and
continue to support us.
News from India
KERALA | Bro Thomas Thambi
Sis Nimisha George was baptised by her father
Bro T P George. Sis Nimisha is studying for Ist
year commerce graduation. After baptism Bro
M A Joykutty gave an exhortation.
AHERO | Bro Lawrence M K’owiti
News from Kenya
I’ve not been in contact for quite some
time due to case with box rental fees. It’s
nice once again to read from the broth-
erhood across the globe and to fellowship
together with their causes. It’s wonderful
to see the word reach all corners of the
world and many prayers of goodwill to
the Carelinks for the tireless work in the
mission. Bravo Brethren Duncan and
Marcus together with the donors, may
God bless you ALL.
If for any reason we can’t meet up in
Kenya, let’s meet in the Lord’s coming