Gospel News · January - April 2019

The ministry of Carelinks made me aware of
the importance of Christian baptism and
the experience of baptism has changed me,
because I did not adhere to a ‘religion’ but I
have cemented my trust in God and my desire
to follow Christ. A baptized person is therefore
a full-time disciple who has the heart to follow
in the footsteps of the Master of Nazareth.
My prayer is that every person who benefits
from the fruits of this Ministry, to the glory of
God, be motivated to be a disciple with joy
and stedfastness. It is important, really impor-
tant to live the Gospel in the right way, giving
a testimony of light and truth to dispel the
darkness of lies that undermine so many
sincere people. May the Lord bless us all by
strengthening our love of the scriptures and
the desire to walk in Christ.
| Bro Marco Soranno (Italy)
My name is Marco, I am Italian and I would like
to witness my joy in knowing the ministry of
Carelinks. This is my testimony of a change,
through the way God uses these brothers and
I met this ministry via the Internet many years
ago, when I started to read and understand
the Christadelphian doctrines. It was a diffi-
cult period of my life because I was living my
life my way, without cultivating hope. My
religious past was characterized by restless-
ness and dissatisfaction because I did not know
the true Jesus, and therefore the true way of
being Christian. The contact with Bro Duncan
helped me to understand many things about
myself in the life of faith.
I was looking for a religious identity but I was
thus weakening my faith, because being broth-
ers in Christ/Christadelphians, is much more
than an identity, being most importantly a way
of living the message of life and hope contained
in the Holy Scriptures, which does not exalt the
flesh but strengthens the spirit (Gal. 5:16).
I have finally found a Christian way of life that
makes me say with joy: “I know whom I have
believed” (2 Tim. 1:12). Jesus said that the
Truth will make us free (John 8:32), but the
price of such freedom is unpopularity. Those
who take seriously the biblical message will not
conform to what people say about God and
Christ, but will want to adhere to every teach-
ing of the Holy Scriptures, moved by a fullness
of life that no religion or theology can arouse.
I have now understood many biblical teachings
in the right light, and rediscovered the joy of
believing. My Christian path is more alive and
stedfast. The prayers, spiritual sharing and
books I receive from Carelinks brothers are a
blessing to me. I understand that there is
nothing secondary in the Bible, but that the
whole Word of God involves the believer so
that he is faithful in everything (Luke 16:10;
2 Corin. 2:9). But true fidelity presupposes the
correct knowledge of the things of God.
Personal Testimony
Carelinks | Mayotte | UPDATE
It is with great joy that we report that bro Nicolas has
managed to leave Mayotte and is now in Lille, France.
We hope and pray that the others will soon follow.