Gospel News · January - April 2019

MBAISE | Bro Blessing Nwigwe
The news tells us that the coming of the Son
of Man is near for this earth. We will not know
the exact day or hour, as Christ said in
Matthew 24:36 and it is recorded in Acts 1:7 –
“of that day or hour knoweth no man, no, not
the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” So
nobody knows the day both man, angels,
prophets, even Christ himself doesn’t know
the time, except his Father only. Peter gave
more indications on it, and his followers, as
the Old Testament reveals that we are in the
last days. Jesus gave us signs of his coming,
recorded in Matthew 24 and Luke 21:
1| There would be false prophets claiming to
be ‘Christ’. 2| War and violence would be
on the earth. | There would be famines,
pestilences and earthquakes. 4| Many people
would hate Jesus’ followers and deliver them
to death, persecution or imprisonment.
5| There would be signs in the sky, sun, moon,
stars and sea. Heaven would be shaken, day
will be darkened etc., showing the coming of
the Son of Man.
And in Revelation 22:7-12 it is recorded that
God will send his Angels as servants; behold,
I am coming soon to repay everyone for what
he has done. He will come as a ‘thief in the
night.’ If anyone rejects him he rejects his
life. ‘I am knocking at the door,’ the righteous
will open it to allow believers to come in.
The problems stated in Matthew 24 and Luke
21 can refer to AIDS, Ebola, Lassa Fever etc.,
such diseases kill people everywhere. Wars will
occur in many countries, as will earthquakes.
In Nigeria there is Bokoharam, kidnapping, war
as carried out in some states like Benne State,
between Fulani herdsmen and the people of
the State killing innocent people daily. Lassa
Fever and war between Christians and
Moslems in the North. Pray for us.
BIBLE EDUCATION CENTRE, VALENCIA CITY | Courtesy of the BEC Philippines Team
News from Philippines
To cater for the increased number of visitors
and Brothers and Sisters, and with the inten-
tion of furthering the promotion of the Bible
Education Centre’s (BEC) preaching work in
Valencia City, the BEC shop in central Min-
danao has been relo-
cated last September
to a better and more
strategically located
site, situated in one of
the main roads of the
city. The increased
space afforded can
comfortably accom-
modate the regular
Bible classes and
preaching seminars
as well as the individ-
ual discussions with
friends. It also enables
us to better display the extensive library of
books, leaflets and Bible study aids available
to our visitors and encourage them to stay for
a discussion over a cup of coffee.
The members of Mailag Ecclesia actively sup-
port the BEC work and hope that through our
Heavenly Father’s blessing yet more may come
to accept the call of the gospel and the good
news of the Kingdom of God and name of the
Lord Jesus Christ!
The local young people
enthusiastically volun-
teered to assist Bro
Michael Alesna in
transferring to the new
location, giving their
time to the tasks of
cleaning, painting and
setting up the new
The Mailag and Kalil-
angan young people
have also collaborated to promote the work of
the BEC by distributing flyers in the city as
well as informing all current and former stu-
dents of the new BEC shop location.
~ continued ...