Gospel News · January - April 2019

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To train and further enhance the ability of the
young brethren in leading studies, a roster of
speakers has been prepared for the BEC shop
The new location has already proven effec-
tive, enticing new students from the passing
traffic to visit. One-on-one Bible discussions
are the major task of our volunteers and young
people manning the shop.
Sis Leonie and Bro Paul Verster
News from South Africa
We have just returned from Gaborone and
were blessed to witness the birth into God’s
family of Lucille Sambo, a very bright 19 year-
old Zimbabean. She completed her Cambridge
A levels with 3 distinctions in History, English
literature, English general paper and a B in
Divinity. She had been in Botswana visiting her
mother and Sis Refilwe, her mother’s neigh-
bour, diligently taught Lucille the truth,
spending time with her almost every day.
Lucille was very quick at grasping the true
gospel and completed both Introducing Bible
Basics and Bible Basics.
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