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(Romans 5:1-11; 1 Corinthians 15:1-28) Our commitment to Jesus, by belief and baptism, means that we can be accepted as adopted

I'm just writing to say hello to you all and inform

"children of God" and so be forgiven our sins by our loving heavenly Father. We are also prom- you as well on the progress my father is making in ised a meaningful new life now, and continued life in the promised Kingdom of God when Jesus his search for the truth. I told you once that I had returns. We may need to be raised from the dead first so that we can work with given, him brother Duncan's book on "The Real Devil". Well the outcome is just simply unbelievable,

Jesus in that new age when the world will be filled with justice, peace and joy. for my dad agrees absolutely with what the Bible

(Luke 12:32) teaches about satan. He is also beginning to develop a kind of hatred for the mother church (Babylon) his in the memorial

Catholic Church he so dearly cherished. The truth

The bread is beginning to open his eyes to seeing many things. reminds us to feed, spiritually, upon the life of Jesus.

I have just given him Bible Basics to enhance his

The wine reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made, knowledge about the other aspects of the gospel of allowing his blood to be shed so that our sins may be the kingdom and the name of Jesus Christ. How I long forgiven. Remembering the Lord Jesus, and trying to that he finally comes to believe and accept the truth as revealed in the Bible. Brethren, please put him in follow his teaching, should help us to witness for him, your prayers as we all eagerly wait to ultimately rejoice in word and in action, until he returns, or until we "fall with the angels in heaven on the day of his baptism. asleep". Then when Jesus does return, we will be

--Bro Cyril Ndze raised from the sleep of death to serve him in that

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followers is still open to those who receive the good

Send for a more detailed guide to the Bible

(John 6:39-40)


"The Bible in Brief",

It has been quite a long time since we met for my

This booklet, or insert , is used by permission baptism in St Ouen ,France. It was an incredible of the compiler and copyright owner, meeting that, like other great meetings. You kindly

David M. Miles. referred me to Sis. Hemingray, a very friendly person, and we developed subsequently such good Christian rapports. As for me, while in France I could not find a decent paying job . That's why I decided to

Thursday, 11 October 2012 09:21

Magenta return to my country of origin (the Democratic Republic of Congo) where I at last found respectable employment, thanks to God, as Provincial Coordinator in a World Bank-funded project, whose main objective is enhancing public accountability, financial management and public service management both the central and provincial levels through the decentralization process. As for my family: my wife and two daughters Anaïs and Maëlle, and we are expecting a little `surprise' in the next few days.

--Bro. Jean-Francois


Bro Kim's Mukambilwa Talking on Danial 2

We are both fine here in Kinshasa. I would remind you that we need five French Bible Basics and two in English. As I am learning English I would love to get some books or course that will help me to know and pronounce English properly.

Bro Kim's Mukanbilwa, P.O.Box 9953, Kinshasa 1, Dem Rep of Congo.

If any can help our brother with

learning English material, it would be a great help as so much of our literature is in French and so the Ecclesia does not get the benefit of the wide range of the Truths literate in English.

Scenes from a visit by Bro David Smith & team

Kinshasa Ecclesia

Kinshasa Sunday School

The Feast

A Bible Class

The Ecclesia Hall

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I am one of the oldest readers of Bible Basic and Gospel News although I do not contribute a lot . I am using the NEV Bible and it is so helpful in our group Bible daily readings. I only borrowed it from a Brother there. We are nine of us in our study group. Is it possible, please to get any number possible to enable our study to be more effective? God the Almighty bless you.

--Bro. Joshua Kisuya


I do beg you all to remain faithfully committed to Christ's principles. Rom.12:2 "Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good , and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. See how James 1:14-15 works well with the message. Then John 1:12, "As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God."

We in Kenya need your prayers as we approach the general election in this country at the end of this year.

--Bro. Jacob Okoth


Thanks for your concern about my health and I am happy to say that God did me wonders that saw me back to good health. I was suffering from acute bronchitis and typhoid. This chest problem is a complication of the common cold when one is exposed to low temperatures, especially in high altitudes. It results in the chilling of the body giving way to bacterial infection. I was exposed to this cold temperature in Nakuro in late December last year and this prompted me to be exempted from the indoor spraying exercise this year for fear of my getting further infections. No matter how we normally protect ourselves while spraying, I personally do not spray. I do this while training where we use only water without chemicals.

The wars in the Middle East have hit everyone in the world regarding fuel prices. Kenyan forces are in Somalia but homes are totally insecure and prone daily to attacks by insurgents by the name of Al-Shabaab. Surely the uprising in the Arab world is an accomplishment of Isaiah 51:22, but also the chaos in Syria will soon aggravate into intensive fighting among nations resulting in mass killing, and eventually Damascus will be taken away from being a city. Putin has been behind the scenes in many happenings in Syria and Iran and his army will in due course be deposed by Jesus.

I have been working out strategies to enable us to have an ecclesia around Katito. Bro. Nelson Anyal and myself have been longing to see this progress. We request two Bibles for friends that have been engaging with us in our

Bible studies at my home and we request your prayers as this is the only weapon for success.

It is joyful to see baptisms in Cuba and Iran (G.N. vol.24, no 3). So atheists in Florida, U.S.A. have their quench for holy day on April 1st!

I conclude by quoting Isa.25:1 "O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth."

--Bro. Lawrence K'owiti


We appreciate the 12 Bibles, although not enough for all members as we need 12 more so that nearly each member has one of their own. The message about Armageddon has made me lift up my head waiting for our Lord Jesus Christ to come soon and enable us to enjoy life in God's Kingdom.

We have 13 widows and 20 orphans meeting with us once a month for Bible study and each time we share with them a cup of tea and buy


Sisters' Class at Lurambi which would be encouraged with more letters from other sisters worldwide. them each a bar of soap. They are happy with our doctrine and we believe that some will join our faith. I know that many have sacrificed themselves to send us books, Bibles, leaflets, used books of our faith, etc. We are happy because these have made us courageous towards the coming Kingdom and peace worldwide.

--Bro. Martin Wafula Barasa

Please send me the materials for youths soon and the 20 copies of the New Testament and if possible we need 36 copiesof the full Bible. We are working hard to ensure the true gospel reaches various places, overturning untrue doctrines, and pray that soon we shall have baptisms.

--Bro. Martin Chemiati

We have seen the hand of the Lord through you. Thank you for the Gospel News magazine and the New Testament Bibles which are good messages to me, those in my ecclesia and all Christian members in Kenya. We are receiving a lot of blessings from CAT literature.

--Bro. Anthony Wafula


Warm greetings from your brothers and sisters of the Luvya Ecclesia. We just want to thank those who produce Gospel News, for their great work.

As an Elder I have been instructed to send our sincere thanks to Bro. Philip Lawrence, who is the Welfare Brother, for helping to relieve our suffering in the recent food shortages.

I also wish to thank you for the 12 Bibles, etc. We know that it is costly to send things, and we do appreciate your kindness. I am sending a photo of our Ecclesia at Luvya.

--Bro. Boneface Juma


We send our greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus, who is our Master. We write to thank you very much for the book "The Real Devil" and the parcels of Bibles (Old and New Testament). We have managed to distribute them to Brothers and Sisters in our Ecclesia who are happily reading the Word of God. These Bibles are of great importance to us in our Bible study. We also need five more Bibles for our newly baptized brothers and sisters.

Makhonge Ecclesia with their Bibles.

There are some brothers and sisters who have problems with their eyes and who need reading glasses, so we have enclosed their medical details of the types of glasses needed as recommended by the doctor. Also one brother, Hudson Musungu saw some glasses in a shop and feels that size 44 x 22 helps him well. We plead if possible for help with these glasses.

--Bro. David and Sis. Jacklyne Wanjala

Bro. David Wanjala opening the parcels before the Ecclesia.

Makhonge Ecclesia and Sunday School children.

We thank God, whose love endures for ever giving us daily life. I hope you are well as you work for the Lord. Thank you very much for "The Real Devil", Gospel News and for the encouraging letter you sent to me. We have received the Bibles you sent to us with much gratitude. These will surely improve our Bible studies and be very profitable to us as brothers and sisters worldwide. The Gospel News has really been improved with good pictures that indeed preach the gospel. It was unbelievable to see that almost everybody in the ecclesia received and appreciated the Bibles.

In addition to that, sending literature and books has borne more fruit as my wife, Fedeliah, who has been preparing for baptism, was baptized in April. She is therefore one of us on the journey to the Kingdom and is indeed glad for the guide on preparing for baptism which you sent to Bro. David. We wait for our Lord Jesus to return to the earth and hope to meet you there.

--Bro. Jacob and Sis. Fedeliah Waliaula

Bro. Jacob and Sis. Fedeliah Waliaula with Wendy in the middle and Job held by his mother.


In Kenya we are expecting elections. These will be for the first new leaders in the new constitution of course, not the constitution of our God of the Bible. We are not sure who should be elect for we have no trust in these people who are campaigning and we do not know what may be their hidden agenda.

This has drawn my attention and I have seen why, as Christadelphians, we do not participate in elections. What is obvious is that these people are after power, status, allowances, big salaries and big names. Once they get these, they forget the people who elected them. As per now, they are promising Kenyans heaven ­ improved infrastructure to the highest dynamic level and to fight poverty and diseases which is the co-problem here in Kenya. Once they get into power, they never live up to their promises. The most frightening thing is that our leaders always use force before and after elections which always tends to spill blood of innocent people. This has taken place at each general election.

We do pray for our Lord Jesus to guide us in our way of life. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace and we, as Christians, are looking forward to good things to come, the best of the best, in the Kingdom of God. As long as we believe in our Lord Jesus Christ the Bible says that God will be on our side. All that we desire in our lives, is that we shall get into the Kingdom. In Isa.54:10 we read, "For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, but my lovingkindness shall not depart from you. Neither shall my covenant of peace be removed, says Yahweh who has mercy on you."

Let us cast our burdens on Christ and fill our hearts with godly things for this world is not our home. Even those who live in palaces, those who drive limousines or those who possess the greatest wealth in this world crumble into dust. We know that we are waiting for our home in the Kingdom of God. We read in Rev.21:4, "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things have passed away."

Here in Kenya, every week, we hear over the media that the terrorists called Al-Shabaab from Somalia have thrown a grenade either at a bus-stop, in a supermarket, in hotels, in a police station, in a crowded place. But the worst thing happened when they threw it at the congregation at the church on Sunday where people were worshipping God. This has caused tension and fright. Now on passenger vehicles people are afraid of those they sit with. This has gone beyond boundaries and if God does not intervene no man can manage it. That is why we must have faith in God for the good things to follow and peace as w read in Psalms 29:11. "The Lord will give strength unto his people: the Lord will bless his people with peace."

This shows that there is nowhere else we can get eternal peace, only from God Himself. In this country and Africa as a whole there is no tranquillity. How I pray that all political leaders, not only in Kenya but in Africa and the world would, emulate the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was not after fame, he was not after earthly possessions, neither was He after pride. This makes Him to be the best, greatest, and finest person ever to have been in this world. As we always say, Jesus Christ is our elder brother and we should follow in his footsteps.

All Christians, not only politicians, should try to follow the example of our Lord. Let us have faith in these wonderful things and wait patiently of our Lord to come.

--Bro. Nasongo Haron

Thank you for the Christian books you sent to us through Bro. Haron Nasongo; indeed they have made me improve very much my spiritual life. I kindly request you to send me more such books for further growth in my spiritual life. I also thank you for the spread of the gospel throughout the world through these books. I pray that God may continue using you to spread the gospel in various ways.

--Bro. Paul Muyira


Thank you so much for the Bibles with commentary and Bible Basics distributed to Ndalu Ecclesia. May God bless the brother who did the translation into modern English, which has helped a great deal the brothers and sisters taking English as their second language. The Bibles are in great demand but Ndalu need six further copies as we now have fifteen more friends studying for baptism, including five very old ladies aged seventy years. The reduced version of Bible Basics at the end of the Bible gives a short and fuller explanation of some important verses.

--Bro. Johnstone Kaliwanga


I am looking for the day when the God of heaven will set up a Kingdom that shall break in pieces and consume those that call themselves Christians without examining the Scriptures daily. (Acts 17:10) Let us be keepers of our brother's house, share all that is brought into the house of God equally and fairly without favouritism, sectionalism or tribalism. But let us grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To whom be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

--Bro. Ukiru Jacktone


I want to talk about God's special gift. God has given us a very special gift, but this is hidden to us because as human beings our minds are deceived and we see as if God does not exist. Psalms.14 and 53 say "A fool says in his heart that there is no God."

I accept that God's spirit, power and invisible energy provides us with real life. We are related to our Creator through His spirit of life and if He decides to take it away, we stop existing. The Bible says that God alone has the power to create and destroy. Our life is in the hands of God, we have nothing of our own to be proud of. Eccl.12:13,14. God has created us with a purpose, to fear Him, to listen to His commandments; whatever good or bad we do is written in our book of life.

If we fail to listen and obey His voice we are punished. Only through His beloved Son, Jesus of Nazareth, we have the gift of eternal life, Rom.6:23, "For the wages of sin is death, but God's free gift is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."` The God of the Bible does not lie. Tit.1:2 and Num.23:19 "God is not man, that he should lie or the son of man, that he should change his mind: has he said and will not do it? or has he spoken and will he not fulfil it"? The Bible says God has a plan for us to live for ever, if we truly know God and Jesus Christ - read John 17:3.

John Owalo Onani, God's servant, believes that what God has promised must be fulfilled. He believes that we are promised salvation. If we do the will of God like our Saviour Jesus of Nazareth we shall be given eternal life.

--Bro. John Owalo Onani


There is still a demand for more Bibles by ecclesial members which comprise 10 brothers and 10 sisters. I know it is expensive and I am praying that God will provide funds and means so that the gospel reaches all corners of the globe before the glorious day of the appearance of our Master and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

There is much rainfall in Kenya and the water is now doing more harm than good. All the rivers are overflowing and many have lost homes and loved ones. We attribute all to the one living God. With much love and looking forward to more enlightenment through "Signs of the Times" and any other literature at your disposal.

--Bro. Joseph Onyango

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Ever loving greetings in the Wonderful Hope of Israel. Thank you a million times for the whole Bibles. May the Creator bless the hands that give! There is a simple rule of conduct taught in nearly every Christian school. When in doubt, always ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" It works with five year-olds and with University professors. Prime Ministers and Presidents have been known to go by it. But it would never have been so popular but for one thing: Jesus Christ is a real person to those who know the Gospels and he is a person who really does meet every human need.

--Bro. Luke Chawinga

Brethren at Bolero waiting to receive their Bibles


I am happy to announce that in June we baptized six Brothers and Sisters here at Phalombe, Manyamba Ecclesia, and we now have 36 Brothers and Sisters who are baptized .

I was very glad you sent me the Holy Bible and Bible Basics, with Gospel News magazine. As you now know, we have other new members who wish to have three Bibles and three Chichewa Bibles.

--Bro. Kennedy Ndaweza


The Ecclesia at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp near Lilongwe where there have recently been a number of baptisms. Whilst Bibles and some books have been supplied in English and CHECHEWA, they are in need of many more.


My warmest greetings in our wonderful hope in Christ. I really thank you for the Holy Bible, New European version with commentary. May the Almighty God bless this work. We are all fishers of men as Matt.4:19, "Jesus said unto them, Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." The signs of the times are always stimulating. I appreciate in whatsoever you provide me which makes me strong. Psalm 17:5 says, "Uphold my steps in your paths, that my footsteps may not slip."

If possible, others with whom we share to good news with would also like to have those "New European Version" Bible.

Thanks a lot for the pamphlet you sent to me concerning news from around the world and how it links with the Bible. This really shows that each of us around the world has our own difficulties and we face our own challenges, but whatever these are we can approach this feast with confidence, believing that our Father is faithful and will fulfil all those things which He has promised and through our Lord Jesus Christ, under any circumstances, He will continue to care for us. As Romans 8:18 says, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." So let us remain faithful to Him, that by grace He will welcome us into this rest.

--Sis. Bertha Khonje

Sister Bertha at home

Our currency has been devalued by 49%. With this devaluation the Postal Box fees have been raised from MK7,000 to MK20,000. This is too much for me to afford. Closing this box means closing all communications with brethren and sisters all over the world. The more I read Gospel News, the more I communicate with people. We are now experiencing a tough life as prices of all commodities have gone up with no salary increment.

The world is now favouring those who voted. Subsidy fertilisers are purchased by those who have voting cards. No voting card, no subsidy fertilisers. No one can cheat to have a voting card of his or her friend because there is a photograph, photo size on the voting registration card. Subsidy fertiliser is still at MK500, while at the counter it is at MK12,000 (the current price).

--Bro. Harmony Ntchalachala


Many thanks for a mailbag of books with the Chichewa edition of Bible Basics ­ this will really help us in our preaching campaign. Here many women would prefer Chichewa books to English ones.

Again thank you for the recent Gospel News. We learn more from Gospel News, especially activities that take place in different ecclesias worldwide. We become very much motivated by that.

Jesus asked a question of the twelve disciples ­ "Will you also go away?" As usual, on behalf of them all, Simon Peter answered him, "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. And we have believed and know that you are the Holy One of God." (John 6:68-69). What made some of his disciples go away? They were offended by what Jesus had said, that they eat his flesh and drink his blood. Did they hear him right? No, if they had heard him right, they wouldn't have gone away.

However, the twelve understood Jesus well and so they remained with him. We know this by the answer that Simon Peter gave: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." Even Jesus made himself very clear: "It is the Spirit that gives life. The flesh profits nothing. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit, and are life." Other disciples went away because they failed to grasp the meaning of Jesus' words, `Eat my flesh and drink my blood.'

--Bro. Sylvester Tembo


I will shortly be in very close to Mozambique so Bible Basics in Portuguese will be needed for distribution; the first five were distributed I will be telling you how everything is going on along the border of course. There are other people of our faith there who I will meet.

--Bro. Amison Liwawa


I write to inform you that the Christadelphian Ecclesia here in Nkhotakota, Malawi, is

growing tremendously and transforming lives of many believers who have strongly believed in our teachings, so the hand of God is upon us. But the brothers have faced challenges because of following our faith.

As the Ecclesia is growing I as a leader (brother) have come across various hardships faced by our brothers and sisters in Christ. The brothers and sisters who have joined our church from other churches have been hit by different emotional stress which in turn would affect their spiritual health later on the health of the church. The brothers and sisters were under bursary support in their churches as well farm inputs which were given to them.

--Bro. Leonard Chaunga


I am very thankful for the tireless work you do in bringing the Truth to the multitudes of the world through many ways, one of which is by writing and printing scriptural pamphlets and books, Bible Basics being the most widely circulated. As I wrote a month ago, I received two cartons of recently published "Mfundo Zoonadi Zenizeni Za Bukhu Lopatulika" which is a translation of Bible Basics into Chichewa. Thank you very much and may the good Lord bless you for the wonderful saving work you are doing.

--Bro. George Mayimba


A few years ago it was possible for C.A.T. to buy a few baby goats for some brethren. Looking back, a few made a success of this project, for others it did not work out so well. The picture shows Bro. Austin Nyirenda's goats which have provided him with milk, meat and manure for his garden ­ as well as eating garbage. At the present C.A.T. is no longer financing this project.

Bro. Austin Nyirenda's goats


Thanks a lot for providing us with the magazine, Bible Basics, the New Testaments NEV, The Real Christ, The Real Devil and now the complete English language NEV Bible.

"The Real Devil" is a really helpful book which starts from the history of the idea of Satan. It made me understand the satan in the book of Job and I have now come to the conclusion that the satan in this book were the friends of Job. Also according to Job 42:7-10, after Eliphaz the Temanite, Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite were forgiven by Job and did what Yahweh told them to do was the time that Yahweh gave Job twice as much as he had before.

I have started my preaching program alright. Today I was at New Gift Private School where all went well. I started with Noah and the Ark to compare it with the days in which we are living. I want to inform you that due to the devaluation of kwacha by 49% means that I can get a good Bike at 30Kw.

--Bro. Samson Banda

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Despite all political disturbances here we are progressing and we have a meeting place and people attending. We thank God for all His blessing and for our survival despite hiked food prices.

--Bro. Luc



For a long time I have not been able to write to you due to my eyesight. My left eye, with a cataract, has been operated on with success, by the grace of the Lord. My right eye has a severe tension, so that I cannot see anything. For more than two years I have not been able to read my Bible, even with large print.

Now, by the blessing of the Lord, I can read and write with special spectacles prescribed by my doctor, who followed my treatment for about five years. My operation, which was free, was done at the Government eye hospital; we have only one eye hospital, and four General hospitals in Mauritius. Also there are several health dispensaries ­ I have had good treatment. All the nurses have been very kind to me and I have had good care. I can now see, and I pray the Lord will bless them for their kindness, and I thank Him for allowing me this treatment and for being with me. I must each day put drops into my eyes. This treatment is expensive, and sometimes I cannot buy all the medicine. I have two kinds of drops to use and a vitamin `eye cup' to drink three times each week. I pray the Lord each day that I may see more.

In Mauritius the prophecy of 2 Timothy 3:1- 5 is accomplished each day; because there are many crimes, much violence, drugs, and robbery increases in a population of 1 million and 300 persons. Mauritius was a paradise 30 years ago, but more and more of its people become cruel and dangerous.

I am sending you my photo: with one eye I have tried to write something by the blessing of the Lord. I hope you will be happy to receive my news. Receive my love in Christ, and my blessing for your spiritual work, which is very much appreciated.

--Bro. Guy Thureea

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Just returned from Odochala where four were baptized 4 making it 11 baptisms so far there. I was glad to work on translating The Real Devil to Igbo.

--Bro. Peter Ojike


Prices of things are going higher and higher nowadays. About five years back I was paying below two thousand five hundred naira for my Post Box, but about three years ago it was three thousand five hundred naira, including a penalty for late payment. But this year it is five thousand five hundred naira, including ten percent surcharge. So before the end of the year I will relinquish the box and use that amount for other things, for that sum could buy me two bags of cement. Before then I must find where I can receive my letters.

People's conditions are getting worse daily. The poor are getting poorer, while the rich become

richer daily. This is the condition in Nigeria, especially in my own State. May God's `will be done in earth' by sending His beloved Son, who gave His life to redeem us from our sins.

--Bro. James Ogbah


We greet you all in the Lord and appreciate all you are doing in the Lord's Service. We are very much in touch with you and are always praying for more fruitful rewards. With time by God's grace, we shall be sending our contributions. We are being refreshed and enlightened the more by these mails, surprising to note that many people from the Arab World are being baptized into Christ, may God's holy Name be praised for ever. We should like to have copies of the NEV Bible that are being circulated presently as this will enhance our efforts at dispensing the truth to people out there. May God continue to bless this work.

--Sis. Abigail George


We are through with our services now. Last sunday it was the lessons of the flood; today we did hymn practice as it is, of course the last sunday of the month, which we use to practice our hymns for us to sing wonderfully to the Lord.

"Who dare stands idle on the harvest plain, while all around him waves the golden grain?" are lines in a famous hymn which we have in our hymn books. Already 2012 is nearly done and past, and we are so much nearer to the blessed second advent of the Lord. I am so, so happy and grateful for your help in providing me with literatures and other gospel materials as it has made study much, much easier and I say it's a real mind opener, may God bless and continue to help you for your tireless effort you have put in to make sure that the ecclesia of Christ grow with proper understanding of the gospel. Benin ecclesia always praise and thank you for the work which you have been doing for us.

--Bro. Diamond Chikwado

Bro. Diamond Chikwado


I am pleased to tell you that two big parcels with Bibles, Bible Basics and other books, the Gospel News reached me, and I sent you a reply. CAT, you have been a great help to my life in the Truth for many years, and I don't wish to miss your books.

--Bro. Igani Eteng


I write to express my appreciation to you for all the continued support with the helpful Christadelphian periodicals that you graciously send to me. Being in isolation, I found all the articles very helpful and encouraging. May the Lord bless you all. Kindly keep sending the periodicals with old or used books/ past issues of magazines-whenever you can.

--Bro. Timothy


Mbase Ecclesia was very happy to have newly baptized members and welcomed them

into the household of Faith: they are Bro. Chukwuma Ejike, Sis. Miriam Ejike, and Sis. Glory Effiong. We also welcomed our Bro. in Christ, Bro. Dr. Effiong. May God bless them all as they journey towards the Kingdom.

By God's grace, before the end of this year we will be baptizing more members, and we also expect to have a Bible Campaign, with gospel preaching from house to house, in offices and a market to let others know that our Ecclesia is around the corner, proclaiming the Gospel message of God's truth.

--Bro. Blessing Nwigwe


I have received all your letters, together with the complete Bible. We were thankful to hear about your family, may the Almighty God provide and keep them safe.

In my letter I promised you a copy of my photograph taken when I was 80, and here you see it. I thanked God that He has allowed my days up to date, and therefore I pray you to follow in asking Him for more years ahead.

I hereby request ten copies of complete Bibles for members and for two friends who are about to be baptized, as they have no Bible with footnotes. These are super Bibles!

--Bro. Friday Enyiogu

The Oboro Ecclesia


Thank you so much for your letter and leaflet that you sent me: they will help me during my witness of house-to-house outreach. We are surrounded by Africanzer Christians (Christendom), so I really need your help so that I can face them always and bring them to the Truth. Please, I need literature and Bibles.

One of them, a pastor, asked me why we do not set aside a day for prayer, but this pastor has now agreed that we hold and teach the Truth, after studying the Bible Basics book that I gave him. Another friend asked me why we don't use instruments of music and dance in our worship, and I rightly handled that.

By God's grace we are trying to convince some of them: we are sowing the seed, but only God can make it grow. So kindly continue to support our work here and send us materials for the goal ahead. Some of the people we meet don't even have a Bible, so can't read it, but only believe whatever their pastor says. Please kindly send us more copies of Bibles with both testaments.

We are certainly living in momentous times ­ what we see and hear really show us that the Lord our Master will soon be here.

--Bro. Uka Egwu

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It's My Choice

I am in my 17th year in a Christadelphian family. My dad, mum, two brothers and two sisters are all in the Hope of Israel. I started with Sunday School at the age of five years. I learned to say my prayers for everything: before eating, at bedtime and in the morning. So no doubt this made me choose the very correct and true faith.

My life changed last year when Bro. Michael Owen from the UK visited our Ecclesia. He wanted to hear from me how much my choice was: almost two hours passed and the brother said to me, he was happy with the answers I gave. So from that time I was waiting for my new birth. My message to all Brethren

worldwide is `Where are we heading?' Our Heavenly Father has chosen us to walk towards His Kingdom, so our destination is in no doubt. We have assurance and a guidebook better than any in the world can offer us. How does this make us feel? We are not tourists ­ this is the walk of a lifetime. When Israel left Egypt they could have made a journey similar to Abram's, but it took them forty years to arrive. We know that we, just like them, will find difficulties on the road, and at times we long to see sight of our destination, but we hope that, unlike them, we will learn the appropriate lessons as soon as we are tested.

`Wherefore, lift up the hands which hang down and strengthen the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed. Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord' (Heb.12:12-14).

I am a Secondary School student, 3rd year, and I need your prayers, letters from young girls and boys in Christ, in order to encourage each other, if Jesus remains away. God bless you ALL.

--Sister Shikalile


I would like to take this opportunity to report the falling asleep in Christ of our dear beloved and lovely sister Matilda Ngoroke of the Central ecclesia in Mbeya .

May the Lord strengthen every one who knows her and working capability to serve the Lord the Most High. She was a very hard working Sister in our missionary trips. We made many trips with her and she was an example to many who travelled with her. Please find her picture attached. We made a missionary trip together with brother Carl and sister Danielle Hinton from the U.k last April and three other local brothers from Tanzania in Morogoro area. and Sister Matilda was also part of the trip. and this was her last trip with us. You see her sitting next to brother Burtton Manasse the oldest brother in our group. We expect to see her soon in the kingdom of God to come soon here on the earth.

NEWS FROM UGANDAview as web pdf  


Bro. John Mathias, our Linkman, gave me a book called `How to Grow a Balanced Diet,' which I think many other people will be using, as these books can change the lives of those who are living in the poor areas of the country.

Since our Ecclesia was formed we have experienced a very hard situation when a brother went away with the Ecclesia's books. I wish to request replacement books like `Teach Yourself the Bible,' `Wrested Scriptures' by Bro. R. Abel, leaflets, Bibles and Sunday School material etc.

I was baptized on 25th Jan. 2007, in the Name of Jesus Christ, (Rom.10:9-11; John 3:16- 17), by Bro. W. Fredrick, Peter and Godfrey Egussa of Butcho and Sumim respectively. I am now the Secretary for the Svaule Ecclesia, and the Lord has off-loaded my burdens.

--Bro. Mangeni Rogers

NEWS FROM ZAMBIAview as web pdf  


Our Bro. Isaiah Chimfuwembe Mumba of Mandona Ecclesia, Chinsali, fell asleep in the Lord on 26th March 2012 following a stroke and being rushed to Chinsali District Hospital for medication. He was baptised in 2000 by Bro. Paul Genders at Mandona Ecclelsia. He was laid to rest on 29th March having served his Master for 12 years and now awaits the call to the resurrection. Our sympathies are extended to his big family. "Blessed are those who wash their robes so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates."

I have been elected as a current treasurer so please do not use Bro. Mumba's name and address on the posted materials but use my name and address. You will get more information from the ecclesial secretary, Bro. Charles Kangwa. My love and lots of appreciation for the work CAT are doing in the Master's Name.

--Bro. Edwin Mfula

I hope this letter finds you well. Here the weather is very unfriendly at night and we have to burn charcoal to keep the rooms warm, but healthwise I am fine. I have had a lot of commitments with my family as it is our time of harvest and we labour the whole day and rest very little in the evening.

Thank you very much for the NEV Bible I received and the newly printed Bible Basics. Please do continue sending me more books about the Lord's coming. I shall be pleased to receive any book that leads me to salvation. I don't know if you have two more NEV Bibles for a brother and one student and if you still have some spectacles, lens + 3.50 and + 2.50 for our aged brothers who cannot read very well without them, we would be very grateful.

--Bro. Charles Kangwa

Thank you for Gospel News, where we can read articles from different brothers and sisters from Ecclesias all over the world.

The economic situation has caused an increase in food prices, which is causing a lot of pain to

common people in Zambia. We pray for Jesus' return to establish His everlasting Kingdom.

I have received Bible Basics and the Bibles in European Version, with commentaries. These books are helping my spiritual growth in Christ Jesus, and this is helping me to teach other fellow students.

--Bro. Edward Mutale Choro


The number in my isolation group is growing and we lack materials. Because I have a Bible Class at Katendwa now the only problem I have is that we need more Bibles. I thank you with genuine anticipation. May the Lord continue blessing His work and please pray for me.

--Bro. Goodson Kafuna


We have enjoyed a most uplifting fraternal, they sang many hymns before the opening prayer by Bro David Kaluba. The readings Deut 22 and Song of Solomon 2 by Bros Brian and Martin. Humanity centres on caring and helping one another. Marriage violations are common because people are promiscuous. Our morals are corrupted due to leniency of the law. A case of rape is that of one who attacks and murders his neighbour. Bros Greenwell and Austin presented `What's worship. Why and how do we worship?' and `Seven sayings of Christ on the cross' in the 15mins scriptural presentations. Love one another, as Jesus loved us by dying for our sins. Therefore, love and worship God willingly. Despite not being accepted by many, those who witnessed Jesus' death testified he is the Son of God. Overcome whatever temptations.

--Bro Lapulani Malata

At Kabwe ecclesia we are really thankful for the Gospel News which you have continued to send to us, knowing that you have a very big God- given task in doing so. It is also our hope that we shall constructively contribute to the magazine. Please continue putting in every effort for the continued production. The magazine is very encouraging as we get news from other parts of the world which gives us a sense of belonging.

Recently we learnt that you have sent a new version of Wrested Scriptures. It is our hope that this will help us in our Outreach in the wake of false doctrines being taught ceaselessly on radio and television, making many believe these false teachings which are not Bible based. Please do send us any other literature which might help us understand the Scriptures better. May Yahweh Elohim be always willing to make our work a success.

--Bro. Martin Mwape, Secretary and Bro. Sydney Kunda, Treasurer


I was delighted to have your letter and the enclosures. The times in which we live are so difficult to cope with without making a mistake.

The Bible assures us that ultimately all the world will know that He is the Lord (Ez.38:22- 23). That time could be very soon as we think of the wars, calamities and disasters all over the world which herald the return of Jesus.

--Bro. Wilfred Chibomba


Greetings in the Name of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending me gospel books, all of them are an eye-opener to the Word of God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, adding value to salvation. I have really come to understand the Holy Bible New European version with commentary and Bible Reading Companion. It is really very easy and simple to understand to us since English is our second language. "The Real Devil" is another wonderful book. Being surrounded by so many churches so to speak, it is made easy because I have a small English dictionary that I always refer to in case I am not familiar with any word. Please never give up doing this noble task, as this is the only way we can always be in touch with each other.

At the age of 63 years, although I am an asthmatic and at times develop high blood pressure, CBM. bought me a new bicycle to enable me to meet my brothers and sisters for the emblems once a month. It is 28kms away, meaning 56kms return. The only ones who cannot make it are Sister

Murangala and children when we do not have money for transport. I am praying hopefully, somehow, somewhere I will get the money to purchase a motorbike for easy movement.

--Bro. Austen Mwaka


We thank you very much for the interesting notes and literature which we received safely. The ecclesia is very happy and enjoying the New Testament Bibles and we are very grateful to you and God for them.

I enclose my photo standing on a rock heart of Maramba River which connects into the Victoria Falls. The river has plenty of fish and sometimes I go fishing there.

We are very sorry to report that Bro. Kenneth Mwenda fell asleep in the Lord a few months after his baptism and now awaits the day of resurrection. May the Lord continue to bless and care for you until Christ's return.

--Bro. Caphes Sikanyika

Bro. Caphes Sikanyika standing on a rock in the midst of the river.


I am very grateful for the endless support you have offered since the very day we knew each other. I appreciate it so very much and may God bless you today and always.

For the past two years I have been working as a watchman to raise money to enable me to go to a college, but it did not work out accordingly. However, I never hold my hands back and I then went to Mazabuka where I did Information Technology (I.T.) in computer short courses for two months and enclose the certificate I obtained. I would love somehow to advance to diploma level so that I can get a better job and contribute to my ecclesia and help my fellow youths to have knowledge in computers.

--Bro. Stephen Siamabi


Let us focus our attention on Israel and the Middle East. The land of Israel and their neighbours will be the beginning of the last troubles. It is our duty of course to warn people of what is coming into the world. We all know that the world is a bad place to live in because of so many horrible people who live in it. That is why we all long for Jesus' return. But before this happens there will be this destructive war with billions of people dying.

Before it is too late, let us stress how important it is to believe in Jesus and to be baptised in order to escape the terror that is awaiting the world. In my imperfect mind I often wonder why we have to wait so long. On Easter Day last month I prayed to Our Heavenly Father and asked why He delays His Son's return and then I realised that the Kingdom will come about the moment Israel turns to God. I must say that this all makes sense. Israel as a nation has not yet turned to God. As we know, Jews do not want to listen to Gentiles. This is why we have to wait for God alone to bring about the Kingdom.

While the Lord remains away let us encourage one another that God is the answer to world problems. I also look forward to this with a longing heart.

Although I think I do all I can, I am not sure if I do enough to spread the glad tidings to the people around me, to tell them about the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of this world and mankind, though the most important thing for us to do now is to remain faithful in the Lord. I wish you the Lord's blessings in all that you do, with enduring love in the Lord.

I am delighted you passed on the names of those wanting to do the correspondence course to Josie and Andrew Walker. I am sure they will soon respond as they are in charge of correspondence in Zambia. Thanks for all the signs of the times papers enclosed and a copy of Gospel News. It is always uplifting to hear of how others are doing in the truth.

Do not fear for the future. God cares for us because we love him. I know that in capitalist societies people don't want to listen and to know the Word of God, unlike in Africa. It is a different story here, people are always willing to listen to the Word of God. Keep on teaching and educating us!

--Bro. Gideon Hankomone.


Thank you for sending us books and also those for the school going children. We have received Bible views on the news published by the Gospel Publicity League, Present Day Events and many more. We

Mufulira Ecclesia ­Right: Sis. Loveness; Br. Musanda.M, Sis. Catherine (4th from right). Sis. Jane (6th from right) centre followed by Sis. Theresa.D; Sis. Stacy. M. Left: Sis.Grace.C; Bro. Kasongo (4th) followed by Bro. Jack.K plus Youths and Sunday School children

Bro. Gideon Hankomone. are still thinking and working out our future life so please may you help us with good books which may go on to help us prepare talks on the creation.

--Bro. Charles Daka


The readings of three books. Esther, Amos and Titus. In the book of Esther we have seen her good deeds led to the arrest of two of the King's officers who conspired to assassinate the King, see Esther 2:19-23.

In the book of Amos ­ This is the shepherd - the type of Jesus? We see this prophecy against Israel and it came to pass for not doing what was good.

The book of Titus makes this very clear. Read Titus v.1,2 ­ compare with Romans 13:1, 1 Pet. 2:13- 14, 2 Tim.2:21-26, Titus 2:14

Why the need to do good? See Titus 2:7. In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works in doctrine showing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity ­ Compare with the following books - Rom.3:24, Rom.8:17, Rom.8:24, Matt.25:46

Hence we must avoid: Read Titus 2:9 "Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters and to please them well in all things, not answering again." Compare with - 2 Tim.2:16, 2 Tim.2:14, Titus 1:10-16. Check over for ourselves, see v.3-6.

May the Lord be with you all as we await the coming of our Lord and Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ, as we journey in this evil world. Brethren, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

--Bro. Harris Mulongesha


We are delighted to have received 17 Bibles which will be of help in the preaching of the gospel of our Lord.

Further, I and 8 students who have started the Bible Course at Peter Singogo Prison are praising God for this opportunity to learn and know God's purpose and love for mankind.

God is blessing me and I have received an offer of admission in the School of Law and Welfare to study Bachelor of Social

Work. Praise be to God, for this programme will enable me to pursue my vision ­

"To work for underprivileged in prison, orphanage widowers and street kids, through provision of access to justice and promotion of human rights, effectually and efficiently contributing to the gap that exists to the underprivileged, and calls for their needs."

Meanwhile I have applied to the Prison Counselling and Care Association for the Scholarship. It is my prayer that God will answer, for God does not fail and what he has opened no man can shut. Moreover I managed to pay for the first semester myself and I believe God will offer a way out to my sponsorship. I am glad I receive the world Gospel News which should be sent to the address I have given.

--Bruno Tembo

NEWS FROM ZIMBABWEview as web pdf  


On 25th April 2012 four brothers and seven sisters attended the burial of our Brother Patrick Mandivinga, which was attended by over 150 people. Bro Nondo gave an opening prayer and Bro. Moses gave a brief talk on Bro. Patrick's life in the Truth, followed by what he believed, (Christadelphian beliefs). After that he talked about the origin of death and went on to say that death is not from Satan, as most of the people believed, but is from God. We read the following verses from 1 Sam.2:6-8, "The Lord killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave and bringeth up. The Lord maketh poor and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up. He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes and to make them inherit the throne of glory." Deut.32:39: "See now that I, even I, am he and there is no god (power) with me: I kill, and I make alive: I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand."

He went on and said that our brother is asleep waiting for the coming of the Lord, then read

1 Thess.4:13-18. Bro. Isa gave a closing prayer and after a short break we started by singing 2 hymns, one from the Shona hymn book then another from the Swahili hymn book and Moses introduced Bro. Pascal who gave an explanation of death and resurrection as well as encouraging mourners, basing his talk on 1 Cor.15:12-28.

--Bro. Moses Dhlakama

Bro. Patrick Mandivinga


Just to let you know that the front cover picture for the March-May 2012 Gospel News was not actually for the Kenyan ecclesia as stated, but for our ecclesia at Guruve.

The two writers of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and Matthew 24:4-8 are informing the entire world about the events that will take place before Jesus comes. As to what we can see at the present time, for example, here in Zimbabwe where the U.S. dollar is being used as the local currency, indeed you really see that 99% of the population are vying for the dollar, not for the Word of GOD.

The desires and thoughts of many people are on this dollar because they want to achieve their plans before the dollar returns to the

U.S.A. The rich people especially want to be so much wealthier so that they can achieve their goals; forgetting that there is GOD the CREATOR who is above all and also forgetting that these earthly riches are nothing in front of GOD. What surprises most is that those who are very poor and have no particular assets are the ones who are very busy on the work of God.

Droughts. earthquakes, wars (nation against nation) and food shortages, all these mostly affect the poor people because when these take place the rich people are on the safe side because they can go to a safe and better place, but the poor have nowhere to go and at the end of the day are the worst affected.

Even though these have to take place before the Saviour Jesus comes to rescue the poor people he had better come today because we are tired of this HARD LIFE, we cannot cope with the PRESENT SITUATION. It is like driving a vehicle on a dust-road during the night while it is raining heavily and no moon light. See what type of driving it is? So that is why Timothy and Matthew said that there would be hardships during this present time. Therefore the rich are poor in the spirit and the poor are rich in the faith.

--Bro.Nice Yotamu


It is very good to know that we are keeping up our hopes and expectations of the coming of the Saviour. I would like to thank you very much for your latest copy of the Gospel News magazine. Since receiving this copy I am now unable to receive others because the Post Office box I have been using was closed because of non-payment of box fees. At present I am unable to pay this monthly fee mainly because I am out of work and also the help I used to get from CBM. is not forthcoming due to their financial problems.

In case of a reply I would advise you to use the P.O. Box Causeway, used mainly by the Harare CBM. I am not a key holder to this box but as I try to settle the matter of my Hatfield P.O. box you can send me the magazines through this address.

Things are changing each and every time, affecting all of us. Probably the preparations we make are not enough because we are only human. We therefore leave much to the Lord whom we know can help us solve our problems.

--Bro. Alexio Kajowe

Thanks for the magazines that you have been sending myself and Benjamin Makuti. God bless you. If you have any other material that you think may help us grow in spirit please do send me. I will be so grateful.

By the grace of God everything is going on well with me and my family. Brother I do not seem to recall which of the two copies I have. I will be grateful if you send me both copies of Bible Basics and The Real Christ. I am always thirsty for the word of GOD and would want to continue reading and living the word.

--Bro Robson Maradzika


I thank you very much for updating me with the Gospel News magazine. We also thank C.A.T. for the work being done printing books like "The Real Devil" and "The Real Christ". These books personify the real devil and the real Christ. Even the New Testament "New European Version" was a great work done, easy to read and easy to find the references.

We are requesting 12 NEV Bibles for sisters and brothers and even need some for students and the Sunday School learners. Despite financial difficulties, I will be going to Chipinge District Ecclesia this month to conduct some interviews with the help of Bre. Robson Sithole and Moses Dhlakama. May the Lord help us in the work before the return of Jesus Christ, the Saviour and the Redeemer. Time is too short for us, so let us work hard before His return. Let us stick to the Word of the Bible, to read and preach and pray to God through Jesus, His only begotten Son.

--Bro. Admire M. Museba


I am sorry for being silent for almost six months. The problems are many as from 9th October 2011 I was ill and this became serious to the point of death. I have been in bed for six months, two months without eating, only drinking soft drinks and very light porridge and I could not manage to sit or walk. However, by God's mercy and grace I am now slowly recovering and can walk up to 200 metres. Many people who have witnessed my illness would not believe seeing me walking alive but the Lord has shown them His love and His power on me. Many people have tried to help me and I was even amazed when I received a letter from Bro. Mark and Sis. Margaret Kitchen and wondered how they got the news as we last contacted each other in 1993.

Anyway, that is how God's love works, through prayers from my brothers and sisters and my own prayers, which all worked together when asked in faith. I also appreciated the article written by a brother from Nalondo in Kenya. "Why some prayers are not answered". It was as encouraging to me as the prayers of my brothers and sisters and pulled me out from the awful pit. I really believe that God has answered all my prayers in time of need.

Thank you for replacing my lost copy of the book "The Real Devil". Duncan is working very hard in the Lord's love and I read about Sister Nina when you were also with them to help such a poor, old Sister by Carelinks in all your ministries. God will keep you all the way to fill all the nations with His Word worldwide to the end of the journey. In Christ I thank all the brethren and sisters who have been praying for me. I also thank you for all your kindness in helping and encouraging me in some of my problems. May God Almighty keep an eye on all the works you are doing and bless all the printing and publishing of His Words for the world. If "Signs of the Times" are still available please keep sending me some.

--Bro. Maxwell Mlakah

The Gospel News

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