Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
For a long time I have not been able to write to you due to my eyesight. My left eye, with a cataract, has been operated on with success, by the grace of the Lord. My right eye has a severe tension, so that I cannot see anything. For more than two years I have not been able to read my Bible, even with large print.
Now, by the blessing of the Lord, I can read and write with special spectacles prescribed by my doctor, who followed my treatment for about five years. My operation, which was free, was done at the Government eye hospital; we have only one eye hospital, and four General hospitals in Mauritius. Also there are several health dispensaries – I have had good treatment. All the nurses have been very kind to me and I have had good care. I can now see, and I pray the Lord will bless them for their kindness, and I thank Him for allowing me this treatment and for being with me. I must each day put drops into my eyes. This treatment is expensive, and sometimes I cannot buy all the medicine. I have two kinds of drops to use and a vitamin `eye cup' to drink three times each week. I pray the Lord each day that I may see more.
In Mauritius the prophecy of 2 Timothy 3:1- 5 is accomplished each day; because there are many crimes, much violence, drugs, and robbery increases in a population of 1 million and 300 persons. Mauritius was a paradise 30 years ago, but more and more of its people become cruel and dangerous.
I am sending you my photo: with one eye I have tried to write something by the blessing of the Lord. I hope you will be happy to receive my news. Receive my love in Christ, and my blessing for your spiritual work, which is very much appreciated.
--Bro. Guy Thureea
We're delighted to report the baptisms of SASHA and DANIK. May God bless them on their journey to His Kingdom.
I thank GOD and also you for your love and help to our ministry in Myanmar. I believe God will continue this ministry. I am here just for a short purpose. My job must be God's job wherever I am, to do/share God's Word is my work only especially among the Buddhist because this is my country. Thanks. Please pray for the ministry in Myanmar and also pray for me and my family.
--Bro. Suum Pi
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I never forget you and your help, love, and prayer. Pease don't forget me but you pray for me and my life. I lost my young son, he died. It was God's plan. What to do? Just pray for us. God bless you all the time.
--Bro. Bishnu
Just returned from Odochala where four were baptized 4 making it 11 baptisms so far there. I was glad to work on translating The Real Devil to Igbo.
--Bro. Peter Ojike
Prices of things are going higher and higher nowadays. About five years back I was paying below two thousand five hundred naira for my Post Box, but about three years ago it was three thousand five hundred naira, including a penalty for late payment. But this year it is five thousand five hundred naira, including ten percent surcharge. So before the end of the year I will relinquish the box and use that amount for other things, for that sum could buy me two bags of cement. Before then I must find where I can receive my letters.
People's conditions are getting worse daily. The poor are getting poorer, while the rich become