Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
richer daily. This is the condition in Nigeria, especially in my own State. May God's `will be done in earth' by sending His beloved Son, who gave His life to redeem us from our sins.
--Bro. James Ogbah
We greet you all in the Lord and appreciate all you are doing in the Lord's Service. We are very much in touch with you and are always praying for more fruitful rewards. With time by God's grace, we shall be sending our contributions. We are being refreshed and enlightened the more by these mails, surprising to note that many people from the Arab World are being baptized into Christ, may God's holy Name be praised for ever. We should like to have copies of the NEV Bible that are being circulated presently as this will enhance our efforts at dispensing the truth to people out there. May God continue to bless this work.
--Sis. Abigail George
We are through with our services now. Last sunday it was the lessons of the flood; today we did hymn practice as it is, of course the last sunday of the month, which we use to practice our hymns for us to sing wonderfully to the Lord.
"Who dare stands idle on the harvest plain, while all around him waves the golden grain?" are lines in a famous hymn which we have in our hymn books. Already 2012 is nearly done and past, and we are so much nearer to the blessed second advent of the Lord. I am so, so happy and grateful for your help in providing me with literatures and other gospel materials as it has made study much, much easier and I say it's a real mind opener, may God bless and continue to help you for your tireless effort you have put in to make sure that the ecclesia of Christ grow with proper understanding of the gospel. Benin ecclesia always praise and thank you for the work which you have been doing for us.
--Bro. Diamond Chikwado
Bro. Diamond Chikwado
I am pleased to tell you that two big parcels with Bibles, Bible Basics and other books, the Gospel News reached me, and I sent you a reply. CAT, you have been a great help to my life in the Truth for many years, and I don't wish to miss your books.
--Bro. Igani Eteng
I write to express my appreciation to you for all the continued support with the helpful Christadelphian periodicals that you graciously send to me. Being in isolation, I found all the articles very helpful and encouraging. May the Lord bless you all. Kindly keep sending the periodicals with old or used books/ past issues of magazines-whenever you can.
--Bro. Timothy
Mbase Ecclesia was very happy to have newly baptized members and welcomed them