Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
into the household of Faith: they are Bro. Chukwuma Ejike, Sis. Miriam Ejike, and Sis. Glory Effiong. We also welcomed our Bro. in Christ, Bro. Dr. Effiong. May God bless them all as they journey towards the Kingdom.
By God's grace, before the end of this year we will be baptizing more members, and we also expect to have a Bible Campaign, with gospel preaching from house to house, in offices and a market to let others know that our Ecclesia is around the corner, proclaiming the Gospel message of God's truth.
--Bro. Blessing Nwigwe
I have received all your letters, together with the complete Bible. We were thankful to hear about your family, may the Almighty God provide and keep them safe.
In my letter I promised you a copy of my photograph taken when I was 80, and here you see it. I thanked God that He has allowed my days up to date, and therefore I pray you to follow in asking Him for more years ahead.
I hereby request ten copies of complete Bibles for members and for two friends who are about to be baptized, as they have no Bible with footnotes. These are super Bibles!
--Bro. Friday Enyiogu
The Oboro Ecclesia
Thank you so much for your letter and leaflet that you sent me: they will help me during my witness of house-to-house outreach. We are surrounded by Africanzer Christians (Christendom), so I really need your help so that I can face them always and bring them to the Truth. Please, I need literature and Bibles.
One of them, a pastor, asked me why we do not set aside a day for prayer, but this pastor has now agreed that we hold and teach the Truth, after studying the Bible Basics book that I gave him. Another friend asked me why we don't use instruments of music and dance in our worship, and I rightly handled that.
By God's grace we are trying to convince some of them: we are sowing the seed, but only God can make it grow. So kindly continue to support our work here and send us materials for the goal ahead. Some of the people we meet don't even have a Bible, so can't read it, but only believe whatever their pastor says. Please kindly send us more copies of Bibles with both testaments.
We are certainly living in momentous times – what we see and hear really show us that the Lord our Master will soon be here.
--Bro. Uka Egwu