Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
Our Afghani Brother Davood, who lives in Sweden, with his Persian Bible and Bible Basics
You should know what a wonderful time I have had with Brother Nayzghi and Sister Azmait Tewelde in Switzerland. They are the Ethiopian refugees who Asmara left for Rome several years ago. Bro Nayzghi crossed the Sahara Desert in a truck and the Mediterranean in a tiny boat, and whose amazing story of conversion to the Gospel you know well. You will recall that Bro Nayzghi was baptised by Duncan and Cindy in Tripoli, Libya, some years ago, and then a while after that they baptized Asmait near Rome, Italy.
They live in a very pichuresque Swiss-chalet-type home on a mountainside among dairy cows with huge bulging udders and drying bales of
September hay – an almost idyllic scene. They hope to become Swiss citizens fairly soon, which would end years of uncertainty about their status.
We had a lovely memorial breaking of bread meeting which Brother Nayzghi led. They call it "liebe-feast" – love feast. Azmait is very shy but a woman of indomitable faith. For the Bible readings we read five verses each, Azmait in Tigrinya, Nayzghi in German and me in English. We kept together with hardly a break, it must have been `music' to angelic ears. They are in marvellous spirits.
They need to get more involved with the German-speaking Christadelphians in Europe and I will try and help them in that direction. Also Nayzghi is very interested in links with Jamaica, which is why I visited them. As you know, there are strong cultural links between Ethiopians and Jamaicans. I am trying to find funding for him to make a missionary visit to Jamaica. He will have a far more beneficent influence than local North American visitors. It would be marvellous if he were able to visit Kingston and Montego Bay and give them a light of hope.
What wonderful blessings God gives us!.
--Bro Alan Eyre
It's My Choice
I am in my 17th year in a Christadelphian family. My dad, mum, two brothers and two sisters are all in the Hope of Israel. I started with Sunday School at the age of five years. I learned to say my prayers for everything: before eating, at bedtime and in the morning. So no doubt this made me choose the very correct and true faith.
My life changed last year when Bro. Michael Owen from the UK visited our Ecclesia. He wanted to hear from me how much my choice was: almost two hours passed and the brother said to me, he was happy with the answers I gave. So from that time I was waiting for my new birth. My message to all Brethren