Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
God, the one true God, the Creator of our universe, gave the first man and woman of our race a
choice like this: "Accept My instructions and continue in your life, or reject them and return to the (Genesis 3:17-19)
We're delighted to report the baptisms of HENRY
They made the wrong choice, rejecting the authority of God, and did return to the dust. We have
all inherited their mortality, and also tend to disobey God, just as they did.
bless them on their journey to His Kingdom.
That is, we all do "sin", and do need to admit it, and ask God for his forgiveness and help.
God is understanding and merciful. He really does want to forgive us, as His children, if we ask
We're delighted to report the baptism of
Him. He has provided a Son for us, Jesus, to emphasise His concern for us and to show us what
MJUSTAFA and HOSEIN. May God bless
He wants us to be like in our thoughts and actions. The Lord Jesus, who did no sin, graciously
them on the journey to His Kingdom.
suffered and died so that, in accordance with God's plan, Jesus became the acceptable sacrifice
(Romans 5:1-11; 1 Corinthians 15:1-28) Our commitment to Jesus, by belief and baptism, means that we can be accepted as adopted
I'm just writing to say hello to you all and inform
"children of God" and so be forgiven our sins by our loving heavenly Father. We are also prom-
you as well on the progress my father is making in
ised a meaningful new life now, and continued life in the promised Kingdom of God when Jesus
his search for the truth. I told you once that I had
returns. We may need to be raised from the dead first so that we can work with
given, him brother Duncan's book on "The Real Devil". Well the outcome is just simply unbelievable,
Jesus in that new age when the world will be filled with justice, peace and joy.
for my dad agrees absolutely with what the Bible
(Luke 12:32)
teaches about satan. He is also beginning to develop a kind of hatred for the mother church (Babylon) his
in the memorial
Catholic Church he so dearly cherished. The truth
The bread
is beginning to open his eyes to seeing many things.
reminds us to feed, spiritually, upon the life of Jesus.
I have just given him Bible Basics to enhance his
The wine reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus made,
knowledge about the other aspects of the gospel of
allowing his blood to be shed so that our sins may be
the kingdom and the name of Jesus Christ. How I long
forgiven. Remembering the Lord Jesus, and trying to
that he finally comes to believe and accept the truth as revealed in the Bible. Brethren, please put him in
follow his teaching, should help us to witness for him,
your prayers as we all eagerly wait to ultimately rejoice
in word and in action, until he returns, or until we "fall
with the angels in heaven on the day of his baptism.
asleep". Then when Jesus does return, we will be
--Bro Cyril Ndze
raised from the sleep of death to serve him in that
coming Kingdom of justice and peace.
We're delighted to report the baptisms of
There is much joy in joining the family of God to have
HO, JACKY, HAN and SHAO. May God bless
fellowship with others with the same faith, hope, and
them on their journey to His Kingdom.
love. The invitation to join the Lord Jesus and his
followers is still open to those who receive the good
Send for a more detailed guide to the Bible
(John 6:39-40)
"The Bible in Brief",
It has been quite a long time since we met for my
This booklet, or insert , is used by permission
baptism in St Ouen ,France. It was an incredible
of the compiler and copyright owner,
meeting that, like other great meetings. You kindly
David M. Miles.
referred me to Sis. Hemingray, a very friendly person, and we developed subsequently such good Christian rapports. As for me, while in France I could not find a decent paying job . That's why I decided to
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return to my country of origin (the Democratic Republic of Congo) where I at last found respectable employment, thanks to God, as Provincial Coordinator in a World Bank-funded project, whose main objective is enhancing public accountability, financial management and public service management both the central and provincial levels through the decentralization process. As for my family: my wife and two daughters Ana?s and Ma?lle, and we are expecting a little `surprise' in the next few days.
--Bro. Jean-Francois
Bro Kim's Mukambilwa Talking on Danial 2
We are both fine here in Kinshasa. I would remind you that we need five French Bible Basics and two in English. As I am learning English I would love to get some books or course that will help me to know and pronounce English properly.
Bro Kim's Mukanbilwa, P.O.Box 9953, Kinshasa 1, Dem Rep of Congo.
If any can help our brother with
learning English material, it would be a great help as so much of our literature is in French and so the Ecclesia does not get the benefit of the wide range of the Truths literate in English.