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In October, whilst we were feeding folks in Europe, Phil and Miri Worsnop were feeding the Congolese migrants in Queensland, Australia, pictured right - many of whom have now been baptized.

We have also heard that local brothers and sisters in Indonesia are likewise reaching out to migrants where they are too, so the passion for outreach is clearly spreading worldwide.

Phil and Miri, Katie, Helena and their team in Queensland made a big witness at the Jacaranda Festival in October, working very hard. Sis Miri reports:

“Over the two and a half days we had about 42 persons wanting and willing to take the small NEV Bibles and about the same in calendars and the booklet 'When will Jesus Return', and two who asked for the large copy Bible Basics, as well as two police officers who wanted Bibles Basics and the complete NEV Bible. They fitted nicely in their uniform trouser pockets.

We had to submit a request to have a stand there, this had to include everything that we were promoting or selling or giving away as well as 'Copy of Liability Insurance' including 'Certificate of Currency' before approval was issued; which we had with our business.

The festival went for three days from Friday 4pm to Sunday 2pm 26-28 October. We hired a stand tent for the occasion, which included putting up and taking down. Our stand promoted (1) The NEV Bibles; 2019 Calendars; Bible Basics; ‘When will Jesus Return to the Earth’ booklet., and other Bible helps etc. As it was multicultural we also had Bibles in Swahili and Sudanese as samples. (2) The Loanialu Health Clinic in Vanuatu. (3) A small area on the outside of the tent promoting our business.

I had been able to create some posters etc. from the online Vistaprint. On the Friday and Saturday we had grouped together items as ‘Free Bible Packs’. There seemed to be some people hesitant about getting material, but we still had approximately 30 persons taking a variety of different materials… We had two people come especially to ask for a large copy of the Bible Basics study manual. We also had young people coming and asking for a free Bible. On the Sunday, as we were next to the ‘Show Bag’ van, we made a different sign and advertised our same ‘Bible Packs’ as ‘Free Bible Show Bags’. Although we were showing, displaying and giving out the same materials, there was a greater interest.

We are thankful to all Brothers and Sisters who willingly gave up their time to help with the display. (We didn’t have to personally ask anyone – they freely volunteered – which in itself was great; one brother travelling about 50km to unexpectedly help us out). We were able to talk to many people - the ones that stand out were the two Police liaison officers, one from Sudan and the other from Samoa. The former wanted a complete NEV Bible, not just the small NEV New Testament. The evenings of the show finished at 10pm., the area had security people and some stand holders slept on site. Our recommendations to anyone wanting to try something like this:

  • Make the display as attractive but as simple as possible.
  • We did have some pull up signs, but could only use these on days with no wind.
  • Modify the stand to see what works most effectively.
  • State positively what we believe about the coming Kingdom of God.
  • Just have a go. People are interested.

Although we did not promote our business… (as it was a self-managed display) in the week following the show we had firm orders three times the set up cost of the show.”

Bro Phil and Sis Miri also report the baptism of Christina, a Congolese migrant, and you can see a video of the baptism at

Sis. Miri writes: “Saturday morning, 27 November, at 5.30am we were awakened by Bro Jafari outside. Sis Beatrice’s sister-in-law, Christina, and brother, had come to visit them from Sydney during that week and Christina wanted to be baptised prior to returning to Sydney on Sunday morning. Jafari said she knew the truth and she wished to be baptised and be able to meet with the Bros and Sisters in an ecclesia in Sydney. Jafari's family has print-out copies of preparing for baptism and Q&A in both English and Swahili. That morning Miri managed the stand by herself, from 8am to 3pm, which left Phil and Jafari able to get things ready for the baptism which was to be in the afternoon between 3-6pm. It was wonderful that Sis Katie, Sis Helena, Bro Darryl came during this time. The baptism was conducted in the presence of about eight brothers and sisters followed by a memorial meeting and giving Christina the right hand of fellowship (as pictured).”

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