Gospel News · January - April 2019

Carelinks | Australia
n October, whilst we were feeding folks
in Europe, Phil and Miri Worsnop were
feeding the Congolese migrants in Queensland,
Australia, pictured right - many of whom have
now been baptized.
We have also heard that local brothers and sis-
ters in Indonesia are likewise reaching out to
migrants where they are too, so the passion
for outreach is clearly spreading worldwide.
You can receive the weekly reports by emailing us at info@carelinks.net.
Here are some highlights from recent reports.
hil and Miri, Katie, Helena and their team
in Queensland made a big witness at the
Jacaranda Festival in October, working very
hard. Sis Miri reports:
“Over the two and a half days we had about
42 persons wanting and willing to take the
small NEV Bibles and about the same in calen-
dars and the booklet 'When will Jesus Return',
and two who asked for the large copy Bible
Basics, as well as two police officers who
wanted Bibles Basics and the complete NEV
Bible. They fitted nicely in their uniform
trouser pockets.
We had to submit a request to have a stand
there, this had to include everything that we
were promoting or selling or giving away as
well as 'Copy of Liability Insurance' including
'Certificate of Currency' before approval was
issued; which we had with our business.
The festival went for three days from Friday
4pm to Sunday 2pm 26-28 October. We hired