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Brother Kossi Woudji is currently living in a refuge camp in Agame, Cotonou, Benin, West Africa.

Please pray for him and for others who are living in such difficult circumstances.

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BAMENDA | Bro Akoso Peter

We want to continue receiving Gospel News which is much appreciated, if possible could do with several copies. Our Ecclesia is small and is in need of more Bibles and any literature for preaching you can let us have.

Bro Emmanuel Nanji

The account in Gen. 44 tells us about Joseph and his re-meeting with his brethren in a foreign country after their sinful act of envy in which they had lied to their father that he was dead. We see that their repeated lie about the whereabouts of Joseph had seemed so long ago that their lie seemed like truth to them.

As one sin leads to another so the brethren of Joseph told their brother, still unknown to them, their usual lie for fear of the man who had Pharaoh’s authority to do as he wished. This is a type of Christ and us today.

Judah, one of Joseph’s brethren is the spokesman for the brethren. He remarks in verses 19 and 20 of Gen. 44 to Joseph “do not let your anger burn against your servant: for you are even like Pharaoh”. This is the type of appeal we are to be daily making to Jesus. Jesus is like God, just as Joseph was like Pharaoh. It was in the power of Joseph to do as he wished to his brethren. He would not revenge but went and wept for his brethren. In Gen. 45:57 Joseph comforts his brethren with the following words: “do not grieve upon the sin of having sold me” but that was God’s way of deliverance and why Joseph was sent to Egypt. “God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant in the earth.”


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MALUKU | Bro Marcus Losah


Bro Mukambilwa, president of the Kinshasa Ecclesia, and I recently assisted in the baptisms of two brothers, Crispin and Toussaint and two sisters, Blandine and Jolie from the ecclesia of Maluku, a distance of 123km from our own ecclesia of Kinshasa.

Following the baptisms we broke bread and shared wine with our new brothers and sisters.

We pray that God may be with them and support them.

The baptisms took place in the Congo River and pictured above from left to right are: Bro Atutuna Crispin; Sis Mato Blandine; Bro Mukambilwa (Kinshasa Ecclesia); Sis Jolie Wanga and Bro Emongo Toussaint.

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NAKURU | Bro Samuel Wanga


The omnipotent God urges us to choose life rather than anything else. Human life is very precious: one can use his or her last penny seeking for treatment to save their life to just get well and possibly live a bit longer. But the God of Abraham is giving us eternal life at a very low price – the most expensive part of it, was paid as it were by His only begotten Son, on Calvary’s cross (2 Corinthians 5:1,2; 2 Timothy 4:18).

Some die whilst undergoing treatment, while some recover but still remain mortal and eventually die. However the true believer has to just “Do justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God” to be granted eternal life.

The current global crises, like power wrangles, famine, earthquakes, wars, tsunamis etc, etc, are all indications that the Son of God is about to return to Earth and establish the Kingdom of God here for the righteous – a world free from all the tribulations that we are experiencing at the moment.

LUUYA | Bro Alfred Wanjala Wanyonyi

I am very glad that you still remember me from that very long time ago, and seeing that the work of God is going on well. To be quiet since 2011 was not my will, but we had a problem with the previous address. Thank you for helping me with the books – The Real Christ, and The Real Devil. I am now in Luuya Ecclesia with my family because Nalondo was far from where we live, but Luuya is near – I can go on foot.

SINDO | Bro John Owalo Onani

I appreciate your spiritual support, and that of the contributions in Gospel News. This magazine must be supported because through the magazine we are able to feel confidence of a brotherhood worldwide.

Today my contribution to the magazine is about the word “Seek” (Matthew 7:7, Matthew 6:33, Isaiah 55:6, Ezra 7:10.)

“Seek, and you will find … and he that seeks, finds.” (Matt.7:7,8)

May we all ‘Seek the Lord while He may be found.’

So ...

“Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.” (Matt.6:33)

“Seek Yahweh while He may be found. Call you on Him while He is near.” (Isa. 55:6)

“For Ezra had set his heart to seek the Law of Yahweh and to do it, and to teach in Israel statutes and ordinances.” (Ezra 7:10)


Bro Daniel Simiyu and grandson Seth


Bro Francis Wafula | MH

I asked Brother Francis how he used his time and he explained how he worked in an orphanage and spent a lot of time preaching. He kindly sent these pictures of the orphanage. Alas throughout the world are hundreds, if not thousands, of children’s orphanages and many are not even able, because of the shortages of resources, to care for the children as these are. They have clothes and some even shoes which care for their feet and prevent them getting some diseases. They have food, which is mainly a kind of porridge, together with a little relish which you will notice on the sides of the plates, often a kind of herbs. Of course they sit on the ground and eat with their fingers.

Many of us live comfortably whilst millions don’t have enough. Perhaps not the best way of help, but we have sent each child a packet of Rowntrees fruit pastels and for the helpers some literature that could help them gain eternal life. However the only positive solution is for Jesus to return, for which we daily pray.



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SALIMA | Bro Austin Nyirenda

I always find the Gospel News an inspiring spiritual booster.

We have been very saddened by the falling asleep of our Sister Emi after a long illness and our condolences are with our Brother George Mayimba Nkhoma, who alas is also not well these days, we long to meet our Sister at the second coming of Jesus.

Owing to the high cost of fares I have not been able to visit the group up country that are showing interest in the Truth.

BOLERO | Bro Luke Chawinga


We are very pleased to announce the baptism of Sis Loveners Zgambo, pictured, witnessed by fifteen brethren and sisters from the surrounding Ecclesias. We are trying hard to maintain the standards of the Truth in spite of the difficulties of the way in these very difficult times.

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ABA | Bro Elijah Eze

I have been appreciating and reading Gospel News for a long time which strengthens me.

EBEM | Bro Gaius Egwu

At Nmuri River in Ebem Ohafia, last year a new-born soul was added to the family of Christ. We baptised Bro Olugu Egwu Kalu, having spent time with Bro Olugu interviewing and discussing with him the Gospel message.

The baptised brother is a senior brother to Bro Gaius Egwu: his testimony is that he has been studying and reading the life of his younger brother and his books more than any other, and that led him to conclude that there must be difference between Christadelphian and Pentecostal Churches. He started giving more attention to my preaching, teaching, and spent time reading Bible Basics, which finally opened his eyes to the gospel Truth.

We are so pleased and thankful to welcome him into the family of Christ. We pray that God will use him to open the eyes of his family.

The family were members of the Mennonite Church when I was pastor there, but the Church was closed down after I found the Truth and left the Mennonites.

Please continue your preaching efforts, for they will be rewarded at Christ’s coming. I strongly appeal once more for your kindness to send us more Bible Basics, The Real Christ, and The Real Devil. We also really need more NEV Bibles, and the comments there are helping many people to understand the true teaching of the Bible.

IBADAN | Bro Timothy Temilola

I appreciate receiving the latest issue of The Gospel News (To All Nations) Magazine yesterday afternoon. I am most grateful to you for all the uplifting and edifying and instructive articles contained in every page. Please kindly keep it coming even as the Hope of the Lord’s return draws nearer and closer to its grand climax of end time events.

May the Lord continue to bless and prosper the global mission work of Carelinks Christadelphian Ministries and the Christadelphian Advanced Trust. May His mercies and compassion continually rest with you, Bro Duncan, Sis Cindy and all the many volunteer representatives, brothers and sisters working tirelessly behind the scenes for the furtherance of the Gospel of God.

UWANI | Bro Goddy Mwosu

Many attended the Eastern Ecclesia’s Fraternal held at the Azumini Ecclesia in November and there were two baptisms there. Our own meeting was blessed with the baptism of Sis Goodnews Ugwunter amidst great rejoicing of us all as well as the angels in heaven.

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MBOZI-SONGWE | Bro Raphael Mukya

We have been saddened by several falling asleep in Christ at ours and the other local Ecclesia Igale. We look forward to being again with them in the Kingdom when Jesus returns.

We particularly found the latest Gospel News very interesting and do hope our lack of Bibles will one day be solved.

MBEYA | Bro James Mwangomo

We very much appreciate all you do for us at CAT and Carelinks in producing Gospel News and the other publications you send us. They help us to understand more deeply the Word of God. We still would like other literature to improve upon our understanding.

Our Ecclesia at Iloma has been closed by the authorities because it does not have a good latrine, at the moment the CBM are unable to help us with this.

TUNDURU | Bro Billy Mataka

Thank you so much for the books, especially for the booklet “When Will Jesus Return to the Earth” which I found very encouraging and enlightening, to prepare me for Jesus soon return. I would like a copy of the Bible with brief commentary if it is possible. I am the only Christadelphian in this district; God has been really great in enlightening me with the truth. I used to receive the CIL lectures and exhortations, but alas do not get them these days.

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Sister Elizabeth

Sister Elizabeth Bura seems to have lost contact with Christadelphians and would love to hear from others to strength her faith. She alas has stomach ulcers and makes frequent visits to the hospital. Her husband has anaemia which, together with striving to bring up their children, means they find things difficult to cope with and appeal for your prayers which she prays, together with theirs, will result in some relief.

Sister Elizabeth’s address is Niabirongo 2nd Village, Kisinga, via Kasese, Uganda.

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The Daphan Ecclesia and Sunday School

Bro Costa with three students he is instructing

LUSAKA | Bro Francis Mukabe

I am very grateful for the booklet “When Will Jesus Return to the Earth” which I have found very useful in learning about Jesus return, better than what I knew before – it has a lot of information. We can always do with more literature to help us take care of ourselves in this untoward generation.

MUFULIRA | Bro Fred Mumba

Here in Zambia the Postal authorities will not accept the Post Paid envelopes you have sent us, and our postal rates are so expensive that few can afford to send letters abroad. In the photo I am inspecting the new door to our CBM Meeting Hall. We especially thank the CBM brethren and sisters who have enabled us to replace the broken down doors with these nice french doors, pictured right. A photo of the Mufulira Ecclesia is on the front cover.


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BANKET | Bro Kennedy Zonzi

I am a newly baptised brother with the Banket Ecclesia. I was baptised in September, and wondered if you could possibly send me a NEV Bible please.

The forty Bible lessons that are required for a Bible student to study I have completed, with the help of my tutor Bro David Yelulani. At present I am doing the 14 lessons that are done after baptism, and I find them very interesting.

BULAWAYO | Bro Ambrose Tanyepana

Many thanks for the Bible Message Calendar what a gem of a calendar that has pictures and messages concerning the splendour and glory of God.

We are all in good health and the rains are falling, but it’s too late because most of the crops are a complete write off.

CHIPINGE | Bro Simon Madhimba


MATHABISA | Bro David Ngwemya

I and my fellow brothers are fine. I am still roaming about in my area preaching the Gospel to tell people about the Word of God, the Bible – to repent and be baptised.

God created the heavens and earth, and us human beings, but we do not always understand or alas follow His laws as we should, because we have Adam’s dying, sinful nature. We are like crabs that walk sideways and backwards. God said “All souls are mine, as the soul of the father, also the soul of the son is mine.” God said, “The soul who sins, he shall die.” Ezekiel chapter 18:4. God said, “Whether you are rich, poor or clever, you will return to the dust because you are children of men.” Psalm 90:3.

Let us read the Bible every day and teach the people the truth, so that by God’s grace and mercy we will have eternal life in the Kingdom.

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