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Brother John Aldersley from Carelinks New Zealand and his team have visited and baptized folks in Ethiopia and are engaging in a lot of ongoing preaching work there, distributing Bibles, Bible Basics and other literature, and succeeding in encouraging local brethren to follow up and baptize people in this large and fascinating land.

Here are a few snippets from email exchanges:

This is reflective of the witness of a group of young sisters who are university students: “Our ‘Bahia Faith’ friend, Hirut, willing to join us. This is a very top news for both Martha and me and we have got a great lesson on the power of prayer. As you suggested we reading together book with our friends and the interest of reading the book increases. The students are interested to read the book and Bibles, if possible please make them ready. We have read together, but it consumes our study time, and also difficult to read with men because we are girls. If possible please ready books and Bibles to my university friends and also to Hirut a Bible.”

View over the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Hi brother, as you gave me permission to us baptized Hirut, she baptized just now. The same place I and Martha baptized. She is very happy. I am excited now that she no more Bahai faith. Thanks to God. John we need to help her growth.”

From a woman called Hibist:

Hi, from your teachings, I understand that the concept of the trinity is a false idea made by man. I understand we need to define scripture by scripture not analogies like water, ice and vapour.

From biblical baptism book I understand an act of baptism has two main symbolic purposes: 1. Our sins us washed out because of sacrifice of Jesus in the cross 2. It is a symbol of death and resurrection of Christ.

I understand that the doctrine baptism for infants and sprinkle by water is false doctrine. I understand that baptism by proxy or baptism for the dead is false doctrine.

I understand that the doctrine Satan as real being is man made not biblical. I need baptism because it is a commandment of Christ, shows our obedience and brings us to new life. So now I am ready to repent and to be baptized. Thanks, Hibist”

From newly baptized brother Lemma, a former Muslim:

“Hi John, I want to express special thanks to all who contributed, your efforts, knowledge and fund, to get eternal life. Today immediately after baptism, I feel all my sins are washed and run away. Today is my birthday, it is a very new day to start a journey to the kingdom of God through baptism. My baptism today is unforgettable and the joy continues The Truth is going forth in Ethiopia very powerfully and we pray for continued blessing and leading in that work through the whole of my life. Now there is no spirit Muslim in me. When I got baptized today and immediately after coming out the water I feel strong and there was much power inside my soul. I know there will be difficulty in my life but I am ready for this. Now I see a change in my life. I feel my life has a meaning. Thanks, Lemma”

From a pastor who is grasping the Truth of the Kingdom:

“My question: many pastors and preachers have always made people believe that we shall go to heaven. How can I change people from this trust and belief? I have a church that I pastor with 70 members. Please I need your help, how will I teach them to change into this new message?”

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