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A visit was made to France to baptize a British man, Mark. Mark has no family in the UK and grew up very tough, spending a few years sleeping in a boiler room as a late teenager. He always had a sense of God and Jesus and vowed not to drink or smoke when he was quite young. He attended a Pentecostal church but was asked not to attend after he couldn’t pay tithes any more and saw through the claims to perform miracles.This disillusioned him with “church”. He met a French woman and moved to France, where they had three children and now he is alone.


Despite the terribly difficult domestic situation, he just counts himself happy to see his children. He read the Bible and figured out that the Trinity is not right; he tried to attend church again but was asked to leave after speaking out against the Trinity. He takes solace in educating himself online; he has built up a phenomenal knowledge of British history and is homesick for the UK, but he doesn't want to leave his children. He really wanted someone to explain the Bible to him, but he says he found everyone insistent he attend their church and he had had enough of this. So he searched online and found us, and was delighted to get the NEV Bible with explanations and commentary. He was very desirous of baptism. He wanted not only theological truth but above all to be connected to the Lord Jesus. Many would have turned to drugs and alcohol in his situation, but he is a very clean living man who knows that is not the way.

A truer convert to the Lord Jesus in spirit and truth it would be hard to imagine. We assured Mark we’d be there for him if he feels like returning to the UK, or his domestic situation forces him to. He grew up in London and knew well the suburb Duncan grew up in. It was truly “of God” that these two Londoners were to meet all these years later in a small town in France. He is keen to spread the Gospel by distributing tracts.

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