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Whilst in Australia, Duncan and Cindy went to Brisbane to meet brother Jafaari’s wonderful family; he and sister Beatrice have 14 children. Duncan first met Jafaari in a refugee camp in Malawi, Africa 25 years ago. Jafaari had fled violence in his native Congo. Over that period, Marcus mailed him Bible Basics, Gospel News magazine etc; as he and his growing family moved around southern Africa, finally in a camp in Namibia from where they managed to get acceptance in Australia. They were resettled in a large house in a small town in Queensland.

His commitment has remained, and it was a joy to baptize four of the children: brothers Fataki and Mfaume, and sisters Liene and Kashindi. They remain very African, some still wearing their traditional African clothing, and the mother and older daughters carrying the little ones wrapped on their backs. They only have one car, and small town Australia is built on the assumption of private car ownership, so it was quite a job to ferry them all to the beach! But there in a creek off Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia the Lord's wonderful work with this family continued, which He began so long ago in Africa. The family greeted the newly baptized with flowers, woops of joy and hugs... you can catch some of the great joy in the video at:

Mother and daughter rejoice after the baptism

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