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How long have you been in that state? To be blind is indeed an unbearable burden. If we are blind, we shouldn’t lose heart, because with God there is a purpose.


On one occasion the disciples of Jesus asked him regarding the man who was born blind, as to who sinned, himself or his parents? In reply, Jesus said that the man was in that state so that the works of God should be revealed in him.

In the Bible there is a record for us of the man who was blind, known by the name of Bartimaeus, who was the son of Timaeus, who again was always on the roadside begging for his daily living. One day he heard news of Jesus – that he was passing by where he was. I am sure that Bartimaeus had heard much of the great physician Jesus, who was at that time passing near where he was. And so he did not waste much time, but straightway cried for help – “Son of David, have mercy on me.” My blind friend, do you know that Jesus is still very powerful today as before. For all authority in heaven and in earth is invested in him by his Heavenly Father. This is the man who is able to help us all, who are blind physically and spiritually.

Let us cry for help like the son of Timaeus did, for he did it not once, but continuously until he was heard by Jesus. Of course, our faith in him must play a great part. May I ask you all – friends who may wish to read this article - to consider our ways. God bless you.

Bro Sylvester Tembo (Mzuzu, Malawi)

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