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Brother Donald continues following up contacts in China and baptizing them, as he has for so many years. He is really a star convert, from his baptism many years ago in a hotel room in unusual circumstances, providentially arranged.

Donald reports: I baptized brother Huang in a public sauna pool, so I couldn’t photo the baptism process. This is his personal testimony: “I was born in a peasant family in the southwest with two younger sisters. Life is tough, the only way to get out of the door is to study hard. I was admitted to the normal school, so my family is very pride of me, it also indicates that I can become civil service. After 3 years of my college career, I was assigned as a teacher with 58.8 yuan monthly income. Then I got married. Then 5 years later something unexpected happened, my wife was cheating.

The flames of anger ignited me and under the influence of alcohol, I began to carry out my plan for revenge and with a knife stabbed that man. This behavior also changed my destiny. I was arrested and taken to the police station, I confessed the crime, and was then taken to City Detention Center in custody. Stayed there for 5 months, waiting for the verdict of the law. Meanwhile my heart seems to be burning red iron drops as a drop of water, neighing and groaning and suffering. Finally I was sent to prison for 4 years... all days long with groups of the dregs of society, I was one of them. The captain in the prison only blame and dislike me, good to others, as if I killed his parents. I suffered a lot in the prison. Four years later I was released from prison. The streets was very spacious, bright, everything is so beautiful and fresh. After returning home I felt very shame. No work, no money, no status. But my parents worried about me, I kept wandering.

One day I met a missionary, who distributed me a Bible. Then I read it. At night, I sat alone in bed praying. My heart become very quiet. I started to plant agriculture, I am doing part time job in the town when I am free. I know that God put me through all of this, countless hardships, touched, pain, save me the prodigal son, reshaping me. I’m a brand new me now. Thank you, Father! All glory belongs to the Lord Jesus!”

Above: Our new Bro Huang with Bro Donald

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