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We baptized brother Kwame in Belgium. He has spread our literature to other disillusioned Pentecostals in the African community in his area, and we spent a pleasant time with Kwaku, whom we baptized after a truly wonderful discussion. He was so relieved not to have to fear demons, witch doctors, spells and the like- these ideas are promulgated and widely believed in amongst many African immigrants, and are pushed by the Pentecostal churches they attend.

Life for these migrants is often difficult, even after they receive proper residency documents. They typically work in factories doing hard work for long hours, but on temporary contracts, meaning that they don’t get the longer term pension and welfare benefits which go with stable employment; and they live in tiny one room flats often sharing with other such workers. So much of Europe’s economy is built upon such cheap, minimum wage labour. And many of these folks are then kidded that if they donate their spare cash to the pastor, the Lord will in the end make them rich. The prosperity Gospel is really the opposite of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Our blessings are spiritual and not material.

Our new brothers and their families are keen for us to teach a seminar about wealth, blessing and prosperity in its Biblical context. Let us know if you’d like to come to Belgium for a few days to assist.

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