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Cindy writes: “I’m so joyful to report the baptism of Lena in Paris. Originally from Russia, she now lives in Paris with her Turkish, Muslim husband.

Lena had forgotten about her Christian faith for many years after leaving the Pentecostal church in disillusion, until recently reviving her interest in Christ. She started reading her Bible again, and researching Christian teachings online. After searching the internet about baptism, she got in touch with Duncan. She wanted to be baptised by a woman due to pressure from her husband, so Duncan minded the kids while I had an amazing day in Paris praying, discussing and reading with her, and ultimately I baptised her in the local swimming pool. She lives in a solidly Islamic immigrant area of Paris, I’m glad I don’t live there! She is absolutely fearless in preaching, distributing our tracts to people, talking to women in McDonald’s and absolutely everywhere.

I took Lena Bibles and Duncan’s book ‘Bible Basics for Muslims’ in several languages, and Arabic and Turkish Bible Basics. She’s now distributing them around the place. I returned to London really so thrilled for Lena and for the progress of the Gospel in Paris.” (We might add that after this, Cindy was robbed at the Gare du Nord, and her credit card stolen. Thank God she is OK and safely home.)

Sis Cindy with Sis Lena

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