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Bro & Sis Paul Jones of Calais, France with newly baptised brethren in Belgium

There are now many Iranian and Afghani brethren baptized in Belgium and we are doing what we can in appealing to the authorities to grant them asylum status. There is no way they can practice their faith in the regime they have fled from. We are baptizing people regularly in Belgium. Recently in Brussels it was a pleasure to visit and baptize sister ALMA and her 16 year old daughter ANNA. We appealed in previous Carelinks for Farsi Bibles to be sent to Belgium and there was response to that appeal. One of these was given to Alma, and along with Farsi Bible Basics she came to a thorough conviction regarding the Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother M assisted with translation and prayers. It was good to see Bible Basics used as it is intended to be used - as a guide to be read alongside the Bible, rather than simply read and uncritically accepted. In the discussions before baptism it was good to see brother M and our new sisters discussing the doctrines of the Gospel with Bible Basics open next to open Bibles.

Our sisters are keen to make public witness to their acceptance of Christ and rejection of Islam; so we have made a video of their baptism and at their wish have placed it on the open internet. It is mostly in Farsi but you can see it and share in their spirit of joyful commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ:

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