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An average of four people / week are being baptized by Carelinks, including one or two each week in Latvia. The question of course is ‘How many fall away?’, and that is hard to quantify. All we can say is that there is real spiritual progress in the lives of many of those baptized, to the glory of our Lord Jesus. And that is what we are all about. We hold ‘sobriety birthdays’ for those quitting alcohol, and some members of the Riga ecclesia are celebrating over five years of sobriety - that is how long they have been attending our meetings. This is real, tangible spiritual fruit.

We’re also proud to tell you that brother Slavik and sister Judite were recently married; the Lord gave them the sunniest day of the year in Riga so far. They are amongst our most regular attenders at our meetings, and operate the sound and video equipment faithfully each meeting. Although they have been dealt a harder hand of circumstance than many of us, they have set a great example in trying to base their lives around the things of the Lord and getting properly married. You can see them in the photo outside the registry office.

Our brother Vladimir is now almost blind but continues to attend the meetings and do what he can, you can see him below attempting to cut sister Medina's hair, not without concern being expressed by onlookers!

Again we encourage you all to support the wonderful work in Riga by prayer, donation and considering whether you can come over and help cook, clean or teach.

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