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area, and made a movie featuring the conversation. It's in Russian but they speak with great emotion of how thrilled they are to know we are praying for them and thinking of them. They took the initiative in reminding us that they continue reading daily from the Bible Companion and breaking bread together; they say that telephone contact comes and goes, there are strict curfews and movement is difficult. And seeing masked gunmen patrolling your street, barricades and check points everywhere is of course very nerve wracking. Above is a photo taken in happier days of the ecclesia in Slavyansk; in fact this is the photo on the front cover of the latest edition of Introducing Bible Basics. Please pray for each of them.

Please, do continue praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Ukraine has announced the return of military conscription and the call up of military aged men, and this includes many of our brothers. Please do pray for them and for us to have wisdom as we try to do what we can for them. We've mentioned before that Slovyansk, the town which is currently central to the conflict, is home to a small ecclesia and we have previously reported visits to that town and baptisms there. The town is right now the scene of fighting and the young family there are remaining indoors - although this creates all manner of problems with not being able to work, buy food etc. We have spoken to sister Ira and also spoke to an older brother or sister in another flashpoint in the

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