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Next day off to another Bible class. Leon gave an excellent talk on Hebrews 1 which got everyone thinking.

Next day Leon gave his last Bible Class on Romans to a full hall, appreciated by all present; much disappointment was felt that he would not be there to complete the series.

Sunday we left for the breaking of bread at Quatres Bornes. Michael’s exhortation was on unity based on John 17; very apt for Mauritius with another Christadelphian group down the road and others in isolation. Straight after the meeting we took Bro Leon to the airport and a sad departure after such a brief visit.

Next day we visited Bro Lilkan, who is not well with early stages of Parkinson’s disease; Santa and their sweet but sickly daughter, Brenda, were also there. A Brother from Ipswich UK – Albert Wade – married to a Mauritian Muslim lady, Ben, 33 years ago joined us. There is a good friendship between her and Santa. Michael went off for a long discussion with Lilkan and helped put many Bible programs onto his computer after getting rid of viruses. Lilkan finds it very difficult to walk, with bad feet from diabetes.

Next day to Quatre Bornes to visit Bro Harry Bhagal, an Indian brother and early member of the Quatre Bornes Ecclesia. We took him to a Chinese restaurant of his choice and discovered he was celebrating his 90th Birthday that very day! Quite an amazing man, ex headmaster and still very alert and active. His memory is phenomenal. He recollected all the things they had done together with Bro Frances Georges and how we had bought the land for the Ecclesial Hall for only Rupees 48000; now worth one million Rupees.

Off again that evening to another Bible class given by Michael – “Who is Jesus”, a study on how to know our Redeemer better. Thursday we paid another visit to dear Lilkan and Santa as Michael needed to complete work on his computer and fix his printer. This time Santa showed me her beautiful garden. Albert arrived soon after us and we had a good discussion about Bible prophecy. He invited us to tea (Vanilla tea) at his place and another chat with his wife also.

That evening, 5.30 p.m., another Bible class which Michael led. Statutory two hymns and readings done – it was 6.30 before the main talk “Sin and its consequences; Why did Jesus have to die?”.

Saturday ... The FRATERNAL! We asked Roy, the owner, for permission to have some friends around – maybe ten to fifteen but he said max ten – but relented if more came. He brought six chairs from his home and left them at the cottage next door. So all shopped out with lots of cold drinks - including Michael’s special vanilla iced tea blend, burgers, meat, pork sausages, snacks and rolls, we waited anxiously for the arrival of the hired bus of approx ten to twelve brethren and sisters and friends at ... and that’s when the fun began! Then a bus with eighteen arrived ... and then two cars and a few scooters at 4pm! This is Africa! Instead of the ten to twelve we had expected, thirty arrived, with many youngsters with little ones in tow - the potential for a Sunday school and youth group here is HUGE!!

Brothers, sisters and friends at the fraternal

A few of the young people ...

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