Personal Testimony 2004

In Isaiah 49:15 God says that He cannot forget His chosen one.  I wonder how God chooses His beloved children.  Truly He is calling His people, for He called me without asking me to pay for my salvation.  Instead, by faith, the precious blood of Jesus covered my sins.  Now, brethren, we are not strangers or sojourners, we are the children of God and citizens of the Kingdom of Christ (Ephesians 2:19).  Therefore we must pray, copy and practice the behaviour of our Father and the language of our country, the Kingdom of God.  We should walk like our father Abraham and like our father Jacob and like our elder brother Jesus.  Our conversation and practice should be like theirs.  We should avoid the world, for all that is of the world is of the devil (the flesh) and the people of it are like their father the devil, lacking truth and committing murder (John 8:44).

Bro Emmanuel and Sis Sarah Joumer

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