School of the Prophets

In the Philippines the big Bible Schools are called ‘Schools of the Prophets’ the pictures on the left were taken at Baguio City,  the speakers being Bro Des Manser and Bro Matthew Norton from Australia. I really enjoyed it and was so happy to see all the Brethren and Sisters again and most important the lessons that I learnt during the week. I try to apply and practice these lessons in my daily life and share them with all my friends here. I am far away from my family and my original ecclesia, but because we have one faith, one hope and one love I am not a stranger to them as all of us are united in the one family of Christ.  I would like to take this opportunity to say, thank you very much, Singapore Ecclesia, for ther lovingkindness and understanding you have shown to me.

“School of the Prophets” Baguio,Philippines, December 2004

Above: “Daughters of Zion” Below: “Sons of Zion”


Sis Liza Gemino (Singapore)

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