The Bible – God's Revelation

Were we put on this earth for a purpose?  If so, what is the purpose?

Take a halt and think!  Would a Creator, having the supreme intelligence, wisdom and love to think out, to plan, design and bring about all creation – this earth and all life upon it – have left human beings in ignorance of His purpose of their being here and the laws that would bring them the peace, happiness and joy that men have been striving to attain since the beginning?

God Almighty made His all important truth accessible to mankind.  He committed His treasure house of knowledge to writing, revealed in the Holy Bible – His instruction book for mankind.  Yet so many have never found the answers so plainly written there. The Bible is God’s divine revelation which man is not capable of finding out for himself by any other means.

God equipped man with the powers and abilities to discover and use the laws of science, but absolutely no tools or instrument of science can ever tell us if there is life after death, the purpose of our being alive, where we are going, or the way to a happy, abundant and peaceful life here and now.  Our scientists, our world leaders and our statesmen have failed utterly to lead us to the universally desired peace, with happiness and abundant living.

The Bible reveals all this and more.  Take a recognized textbook on biology, show this book to twenty different biology professors from twenty different colleges and universities, ask them what it says.  They all give you basically the same answer.  People seldom disagree as to what recognized text books say – except when it comes to the book of all Books, the Holy Bible.

Take the Bible to twenty different professors of theology or ministers of religion and you will probably receive twenty different answers to just about any question you might ask about it.  Here certainly is the enigma of the ages.  The most important, yet the least understood book of all books, is the world’s best seller – the book possessed by more people than any other.  It is the book that has lived down through the ages in spite of every effort to stamp it out. The Bible is the only book which has foretold, centuries in advance, the meaning of the confused world conditions, and that opens before us the wonderful, peaceful, happy world of tomorrow.  It is the one book that predicted in advance, the rise and fall of specific nations and , that reveals the destiny of the world.  No mere humanly inspired book could have revealed these amazing events.  Such prophecies must have been divinely inspired.  Here is the book that has changed more lives than all other books combined.  Let us encourage more people to read it in our day..


Bro. Isaac Guzete (Chipinge, Zimbabwe)

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