Are The Miraculous Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Possessed Today?

Transcript of a debate with Marie Battle

Saturday, 27th January 2001

Garner Historic Auditorium, Garner NC, USA

Speakers: Against Holy Spirit possession available today: Mr. Duncan Heaster

For Holy Spirit possession available today: Pastor M. D. Battle (Pentecostal Praise Temple Church) Chairman: Mr. Gary Burns


Duncan Heaster’s First Speech 
3.1.1 Holy Spirit Gifts Not Now Possessed
3.1.2 Name It And Claim It
3.1.3 What Are The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit?
3.1.4 Slain In The Spirit?
3.1.5 That Which Is Perfect

Pastor Battle’s First Speech 
3.1.6 Praise God For The Spirit

Duncan Heaster’s Second Speech 
3.1.7 The Spirit On All Flesh
3.1.8 Catholic Charismatics

Pastor Battle’s Second Speech 
3.1.9 Holy Spirit Gifts Not Taken Away

Questions From The Floor 
3.1.10 Receiving The Holy Spirit
3.1.11 The Spirit Intercedes
3.1.12 Born Of Water And Spirit
3.1.13 A Living Sacrifice
3.1.14 Will There Be A Rapture
3.1.15 Healed Of Cancer
3.1.16 Fruit And Gifts Of The Spirit

3.1.17 False Claims Of Spirit Possession Duncan Heaster
3.1.18 Jesus Is The Answer Pastor Battle