3.2 Are the Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit Possessed today?

Public Debate on “Are the Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit Possessed today?”

Transcript of a debate with John Liliekas

Saturday 4 March 1989

The Great Hall, University Of Leeds,Leeds, U.K.


For Possession today position: Mr. John Liliekas (Charismatic/ Evangelical Christian)

Against possession today position: Mr. Duncan Heaster

Chairman: Mr. Simon Perfitt




Chairman’s Remarks

Mr. Liliekas’ First Speech

3-2-1 The Need For Miracles

3-2-2 Divine Administration

Mr. Heaster’s First Speech

3-2-3 Charismatic Christians

3-2-4 Glossalalia

Mr. Liliekas’ Second Speech

3-2-5 Abuse Of Spirit Gifts

Mr. Heaster’s Second Speech

3-2-6 Spirit Gifts Withdrawn

Questions from the Floor

3-2-7 Questions About The Holy Spirit

3-2-8 Questions About Spirit Gifts

Summation by Mr. Liliekas

3-2-9 Gifts Of The Spirit Today

Summation by Mr. Heaster

3-2-10 Humble To The Word Of God

Chairman’s Concluding Remarks

John Liliekas, Duncan Heaster

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