2.1 The Devil And Satan - What Does The Bible Say?

Transcript Of A Debate

Saturday 24th October 1992

Garden Park Church of God, 5615 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Rapids MI USA

Debate speakers:

For the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Mark Mattison (Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith)

Against the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Duncan Heaster

Mr. Mattison's First Address

2-1-1 Benjamin Wilson And The Diaglott

2-1-2 Ha satan

2-1-3 Satan In The Gospels

Mr. Heaster's First Address

2-1-4 The Origin Of Evil

2-1-5 Angels As Ministering Spirits

2-1-6 The Origin Of Sin

Mr. Mattison's Reply

2-1-8 Does Satan Do God's Will?

2-1-9 The Origin Of The Devil

2-1-10 Fallen Angels

2-1-11 External Temptation

Mr. Heaster's Reply

2-1-12 Satan And God's Will

2-1-13 Ho diabolos

2-1-14 The Devil And Cain

2-1-15 Where Sin Comes From

2-1-16 The Temptations Of Jesus

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Mattison

2-1-17 Why Doesn't Satan Give Up

2-1-18 Personification In Historical Narratives

2-1-19 Can Immortal Angels Sin?

2-1-20 Does The Devil Induce Sin

2-1-21 Teaching Not To Blaspheme

2-1-22 The Devil And Sin

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Heaster

2-1-23 Children Of Disobedience

2-1-24 The Dragon And The Lake Of Fire

2-1-25 Good And Bad Angels

2-1-26 Angelos And Daimonos

2-1-27 Man As A Sinful Creature

Mr. Mattison's Final Speech

2-1-28 Salvation Issues

Mr. Heaster’s Final Speech

2-1-29 The Need For Proper Understanding

Note: It should be understood in the context of the devil-satan debate that Mr. Mattison was representing the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith General Conference. The Church Of God Of The Abrahamic Faith congregations represented by the magazine ‘The Abrahamic Faith Beacon’ share the Christadelphian view of the devil, and are not in fellowship with the Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith (CGAF) General Conference. Mr. Heaster was not aware of this difference at the time.

Further note:
While the belief of the supernatural personal devil and demons is reported to be held by many in The Church of God General Conference, McDonough, Georgia, USA, (a.k.a. Church of God Abrahamic Faith, or COGAF), there remains an amount of others who do not support such a belief. On the contrary, as the Christadelphians, they support the belief that the devil and demons are not real supernatural personal beings. Furthermore, there are still others who have no stated position either way. The Statement of Faith of the Church of God General Conference does not include any statement concerning the nature of the devil or demons in its Constitution and By-Laws. Traditionally, the Conference has left the choice to each individual or church to make in regard to belief in the devil. Some are more outspoken than others concerning their belief and are even willing to debate the issue in opposition to the Christadelphian position. Although there are those associated with the Conference who are outspoken in favour of the personality of the devil, they do not speak for the entire body.
Pastor Michael P. Brown,
Glad Tidings Church of God, Abrahamic Faith
Ontario, Canada
June 29, 2011


Mark Mattison, Duncan Heaster

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