1.1 Jesus Christ And The Trinity - What Does The Bible Say?

Transcript Of A Debate (With Leslie Everitt)


Saturday 12th November 1988

Bromley Christian Center, Masons Hill, Bromley, Kent UK


For the Trinitarian position: Mr. Leslie Everitt (Evangelical Christian)

For the non-Trinitarian position: Mr. Duncan Heaster (Christadelphian)

Chairman: Mr. Graham Baldwin (Bromley Christian Center)



Mr. Heaster’s first speech: The non-trinitarian position

Mr. Everitt’s first speech: Bible evidence for the trinity. The trinitarian position

Mr. Heaster’s second speech : Bible evidence against the trinity

Mr. Everitt’s second speech: Jesus is both God and man

Questions from the floor


Alpha and omega

The doctrine of the Trinity

The meaning of logos


The Nicean Creed

Co-equal and co-eternal

Jesus is not God

Jesus as mediator

Christ and sin

Summation by Mr. Heaster: The seed of Abraham

Summation by Mr. Everitt: Ego eimi : I am he

Concluding remarks by Chairman



I have been asked to point out that the Bromley Christian Center are just hosting this. They are in no way involved in either the planning or whatever to do with this debate. I was asked if we could actually find a location that was somehow local and central. That was how it came to be here. You probably know both of the people who are going to be debating the proposition : “Jesus Christ and the Trinity – What does the Bible Say?”.This is Mr. Leslie Everitt, who is an Evangelical Christian from a brethren tradition, and this is Mr. Duncan Heaster, who is a Christadelphian.

The way that this is actually going to be run will be that initially there will be a twenty minute opening speech each, with Mr. Heaster actually leading off. There will then be a second speech of ten minutes’ duration. We are then going to have a break for coffee for which there will be a charge of 20p for coffee and biscuits (but that can be sorted out later). There will also be soft drinks. Following that break there will be ten minutes of question time directed at each of the speakers, and then they will be given five to ten minutes to sum up at the end.

I would like to say that this is being recorded. You have probably seen on your seats this yellow leaflet. If you want a transcript of the debate, fill it in. There is a box there and one in the vestibule.

We will hand it over now to Mr. Heaster to start.

Leslie Everitt, Duncan Heaster

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