3.1 Are The Miraculous Gifts Of The Holy Spirit Possessed Today?

Transcript of a debate with Marie Battle

Saturday, 27th January 2001

Garner Historic Auditorium, Garner NC, USA

Speakers: Against Holy Spirit possession available today: Mr. Duncan Heaster For Holy Spirit possession available today: Pastor M. D. Battle (Pentecostal Praise Temple Church) Chairman: Mr. Gary Burns



Duncan Heaster’s First Speech

3-1-1 Holy Spirit Gifts Not Now Possessed

3-1-2 Name It And Claim It

3-1-3 What Are The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit?

3-1-4 Slain In The Spirit?

3-1-5 That Which Is Perfect

Pastor Battle’s First Speech

3-1-6 Praise God For The Spirit

Duncan Heaster’s Second Speech

3-1-7 The Spirit On All Flesh

3-1-8 Catholic Charismatics

Pastor Battle’s Second Speech

3-1-9 Holy Spirit Gifts Not Taken Away

Questions From The Floor

3-1-10 Receiving The Holy Spirit

3-1-11 The Spirit Intercedes

3-1-12 Born Of Water And Spirit

3-1-13 A Living Sacrifice

3-1-14 Will There Be A Rapture

3-1-15 Healed Of Cancer

3-1-16 Fruit And Gifts Of The Spirit

Summation By Duncan Heaster

3-1-17 False Claims Of Spirit Possession

Summation By Pastor Battle

3-1-18 Jesus Is The Answer

Duncan Heaster, Marie. D. Battle

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