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Bro George Constantine

It’s sad that the Privy Council has put our fate in the hands of politicians - the senior members of the Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon (Mercy Committee). The Privy Council’s judgement in the Lifers’ case was given since July, but up to now no one has been called to face the Mercy Committee. But God is in control, and I will keep my faith in Him.

I am now 58 and I have spent 26 years in prison, and although God has not yet released me from here, I still have a lot to be thankful for.

God brought me into the Truth 20 years ago through Bible Basics. He has kept me strong in faith. I am very thankful for you, and my other brethren and sisters in the Truth worldwide, for your love, prayers, friendship, spiritual guidance and literature, visits and support, which have helped me in spiritual growth, and to have what’s necessary for me to survive in here as comfortable as is possible in these circumstances.

I am praying for you all every day, let’s keep ready for our Lord’s return. God bless you.

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