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Cindy shares with us one of her initiatives which could likely be repeated in many areas in order to gain local contacts:

“If you would like to generate interest in your local area, please consider putting an advert for free Bibles on or in your local area. We’d be happy to post Bibles to them. I’ve had 3 requests in the last 24 hours from these sites — I’m sure there are people interested in the gospel near to you as well! On Freecycle and Gumtree people expect to be able to pick the item up, not get directed to a website. I’ve given away garden pavers etc before so I thought I could give away Bibles too! In the ad I just said ‘Free new Bible’ as a heading, then included two photos I had taken of the Bible, then said ‘Free NEV Bible with commentary. I can post for free or you can collect it. Please email me. Thanks’. God bless, Cindy”

In less than a day, Cindy had three people request a Bible be sent by mail, and one woman says she will drop by us to pick one up. Cindy just did the ad in the Croydon Gumtree zone. The ads are soon swallowed by more recent ads so one has to keep on with it to keep the ad visible.

Download Cindy’s Bible images at: and

Cindy Heaster

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