Gospel News · May - August 2018

Carelinks | USA ... continued
ended up pulling over the side of the road and
I said a prayer before we walked in the water.
He was so excited I started counting and
he just fell right back and in and I pulled him
out and said “You are baptised in Christ
my brother!” We then looked around and a
woman had shown up and was willing to take
our picture and then another guy turned up
and specifically asked us what we were doing.
We proceeded to explain what baptism was
and why we just did it. With a smile on his
face Pedro turned to me and said “See we
have witnesses to my baptism and we even
were able to witness ourselves!” It was in that
moment that his heart and desires once again
came through. I then asked if he wanted to go
break some bread together. So we hopped in
the car and I went to the store to get some
wine and bread. He took me to the best Cuban
bread place in town :) We went back to his
place and he showed me the room he stays in.
Not much, but he was excited to show me his
computer, Bible books, and English to Spanish
dictionary. He also showed me some of his
medicair that he likes to give to others in
need. We read the Word and had communion
together and then prayed together before
parting ways. He was so strong in his under-
standing of the Word that I truly encouraged
him to go out and preach the good Word. He
felt he needed to learn English more as well
as get a better understanding of the Word.
Truly the man could have lead his own church
it was such a blessing to hear. I told him I
would continue to stay in touch with him and
help him in any way that I could.”
indy shares with us one of her initiatives
which could likely be repeated in many
areas in order to gain local contacts:
“If you would like to generate interest in
your local area, please consider putting an
advert for free Bibles on freecycle.org or
gumtree.com in your local area. We’d be
happy to post Bibles to them. I’ve had 3 re-
quests in the last 24 hours from these sites-
I’m sure there are people interested in the
gospel near to you as well! On Freecycle and
Gumtree people expect to be able to pick
the item up, not get directed to a website.
I’ve given away garden pavers etc before so
I thought I could give away Bibles too! In the
ad I just said ‘Free new Bible’ as a heading,
then included two photos I had taken of the
Bible, then said ‘Free NEV Bible with com-
mentary. I can post for free or you can
collect it. Please email me. Thanks’.
God bless, Cindy”
In less than a day, Cindy had three people
request a Bible be sent by mail, and one
woman says she will drop by us to pick one
up. Cindy just did the ad in the Croydon
Gumtree zone. The ads are soon swallowed
by more recent ads so one has to keep on
with it to keep the ad visible.
Download Cindy’s Bible images at: http://www.n-e-v.info/publicity/bible1.jpeg