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We enjoyed a very stimulating Carelinks Conference in Croydon on 24 February with visitors from throughout the UK. The playlist for all the talks is at:

We’ve been blessed with several hundred replies from throughout the UK in response to our advert offering free Bibles in the Daily Mail, a reminder that there is significant interest in our message in the UK. In the afternoon we wrote letters to these folks and stuffed envelopes with the Bibles. Let’s pray for all those hundreds of people as they receive their Bibles. This work and following it up is obviously expensive - we’re really open to your donations so that we can continue getting the word out there to so many all over the world. And do come along to such conferences; they are a very upbuilding and “live” experience of the Father and Son at work amongst people.

Perhaps the highlight for many was the talk by Bro Chris Sparkes explaining how doctrine by doctrine, he arrived at the same doctrinal positions which we hold. It’s how it should be - that truth is arrived at by different paths. The talk is lengthy but really a wonderful witness to the power of God’s word to explain itself to a thoughtful seeker after truth. Chris’s talk is at

Amongst the other talks was one by Bro Norman Stock about the work of the Riga Bible Center and feeding program which he recently visited. Norman’s talk is at:

In our group prayers we prayed for the work in Riga - and those prayers were answered in a wonderful way over the next few days (please see the Latvia report).

Bro Chris Sparkes

Bro Norman Stock

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