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Our bro R continues faithful in Turkey, and here are clips from his emails - where he laments being alone, and then a while later, has found response to his quiet preaching and baptized a man. A wonderful testament to the hand of providence, which ‘provides’ indeed:

“I am here with my belief on Jesus. It is hard to protect this fire without any contact with community. There is nobody to talk on, there is no service....”

One month later: “I was giving information about Jesus to one of my friend from school. After years, last week he came and said that he accepted Jesus’ identity as written in Bible. So he wants to have baptise. This Saturday I will perform like the other one (at a garden, inside a pool)... We know each other for 15 years, from high school. Actually nothing happen directly, miraculous like a dream, a feeling etc. This made me more happy, because I saw the process of God, I witnessed how God showed his way to him by using daily life’s principles for years (like it is written at John 6:44). He was saying to me that “I will never be baptized”, but God was working. For example he has really important problems with his father, and he never felt father love on him. When he started to study Bible, he realised how important to call God as Father. He is very determined. I am really happy. I wrote you that I was very alone here, one month before. God did this! :)) He will hide this baptism for a while (you know the situations). Please pray for him”.

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