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17-19 November at Azumini, Abia State

Azumini in Abia State is the homestead of our beloved late brother, Edwin Nwaboso. There is no gainsaying the fact, that brother Edwin Nwaboso would be much delighted at the resurrection morn, to see that the lamp stand he lighted during his mortal life is still glowing while in the dust of the earth. No doubt, Azumini Ecclesia has always been on the good news, particularly the erection of a permanent Ecclesia Hall nearing completion.

Historically, the Eastern, Western and Northern States have been conducting the Fraternal Gathering separately, but common understanding came up some years back where these groups came together and the fraternal gatherings were conducted every two years vis-à-vis, the Christadelphian Youth Circle. Last year, Asaba hosted the entire All Nigerian Christadelphian Youth Circle during the April period which saw our two overseas brethren, Dffyd Jenkins and Philip Oram, in attendance. It is noteworthy to state that these brethren have been good emissaries to Nigerian brethren. However, it has been the thinking of many across all borders (Eastern, Western and Northern) that these two years hiatus is a big lacuna in the affairs of those who crave for daily and regular spiritual milk. Consequently, on November 17, 2017 (the commencement date), brethren from the Eastern States who have been eager for the resuscitation of this agenda, poured in myriads, closing their shops, businesses, while government workers took advance excuse duties to be part of the show and grace this wonderful occasion.

It is pertinent to note therefore that this year the Eastern States Committee, who superintended the affairs of this gathering, has once more set a blueprint to trek, if our Father delays the emergence of His Son now and beyond; and no doubt the kick-starting of the programme is well commended as the event was refreshing, reawakening, entertaining, brotherly, peaceful and eventful!

To this end, the following brethren, but not limited to were on hand for lectures, among others; Peter Kalu, Emmanuel Eze on Family Life and Fellowship which drew much questions and contributions. Furthermore, Youths from different Ecclesias gave dramas and various interesting presentations. Also, at this auspicious and august occasion baptisms were recorded successfully.

Bro Ik Ugu (Asabi Ecclesia)

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