view as web pdf Ghastly, Gruesome Worship

In one of the refugee camps where we have many Brethren and Sisters the Police caught some Burundian and Rwandese refugees that had entered their camp, having the heads of dead people in their bags and wanting to go to Uganda to sell them where there is a profitable market for such things.

Headless bodies were also found in the camp. It seems they are used for some black magic types of religious ritual. The Ugandan authorities have also prohibited the sale of human flesh meat.

I recall a few years ago large Geese were illegally caught in a London Park and their heads cut off and the rest of the bird just left. We were told they would be wanted for some kind of religious rite. There are also other weird religious rites being performed these days.

Life is mighty precarious at best in some of the Refugee Camps, with frequent visits from barbarous armed robbers, apart from the considerable shortage of food. Our prayers and, where possible, practical help are needed.


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