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Bro Mike replaces the NEV New Testament in the Tiny Library - one copy having already been taken

Bro Mike and Sis Betty Flaherty from Australia write:

“Whilst cycling through Europe we received the sad news of the passing of sister Gwladys and so headed over to London to be with the family. As preparations were being made for the funeral we had the opportunity to accompany Duncan to engage people on the street with the offer of a free New Testament, then later visit a refugee centre. On the streets of Crystal Palace we were able to distribute quite a bit of literature, including to motorists waiting at traffic lights on the busy high street. They were often willing to wind down their window and take a New Testament. The “Free Bibles” visibility vests would have already been spotted by them. One guy honked Betty from the other side of the street and asked for two New Testaments through his window. We also put a NEV Bible and Introducing Bible Basics in a “tiny library” on a street corner, where people put books they don’t want and people can take them to read, either keeping or returning them to the box.

The refugee centre surprised me. Not really knowing what to expect, I discovered that there was no stereotype refugee/asylum seeker. An older man from Afghanistan who had lost both legs, apparently to a landmine, and who had such a positive spirit, eagerly wheeling himself around in his wheelchair to clean the tables in the canteen, mop the floor, and from his wheelchair playing with the various refugee children running around the place; Albanian sex workers now pregnant, rescued from human trafficking; an Afghani family who once assisted the west in humanitarian projects, and other religious minorities fleeing Muslim extremism in their countries.

What do you say? How do you begin a conversation with people you have little in common with? I mean, after all, you only have a small window of opportunity before they are shipped off to another location. I had forgotten that it is not me that does the conversion but the spirit of God working through me. So, despite my own inadequacies, Duncan quickly showed me that a direct question, “Would you like to know Jesus and become a Christian?” mostly resulted in the nod of a head, a yes and a willingness to receive a Bible and a Bible Basics book in their native language. With Duncan’s contact details in the books, they were encouraged to read them through and phone him for more information or instruction to baptism. Some returned a short time later to get more NEV Bibles or Bible Basics for their friends or family. No theological debates just an interest in what we had to offer, a way to have a relationship with Jesus and his Father, free of religion and complex dogma. The people we met are not prisoners but are in a secure place where they have a lot of time on their hands during the day. We witnessed them reading the books we gave for quite a while afterwards.

There were four important things I took away from the visits: 1. Asking people if they would like to know Jesus, isn't “rocket science”. Jesus didn't ask us to be able to convert people, he just said, “Go out and preach” Don’t fear being rejected by others, we saw many who were eager for hope. 2. Take a leaf out of Jesus’ book and have conversations with the poor and outcast. Sure, it may not be comfortable to talk to people outside our social circle, but I am reminded that Jesus saw similar and “he had compassion on them.” They may be the most receptive to talking about the hope we share. Have compassion. 3. I have no power to convince anyone to accept the Salvation of God. Even when I flounder about not knowing the right thing to say, God can use me in all my inadequacy, insecurity and weakness. Pray. Pray for our Father’s help and blessing on our efforts. Don’t forget - PRAY! Pray for His will to be done, that he open the way to those seeking Him.

God provides angels to go before us. Supernatural, yes, but I have also witnessed human angels provided to make our paths straight and open doors that are normally locked, raised up for a specific purpose. God bless them for their courage. If you believe that you can muster up enough courage to go out into your own community and ask, “Would you like to know Jesus and become a Christian?” then Carelinks have resources to help you. The New Testament with Introducing Bible Basics in the back is an excellent way of giving a valuable gift to people who show interest”.

There’s a video of Bro Mike distributing the New Testaments and engaging people on the streets and traffic lights at:

Travelling on holiday or business? Do what Mike and Betty are doing, put an NEV Bible or Bible Basics (orany statement of the Gospel) in these tiny libraries springing up all over the place. Who knows who will get to read this French NEV New Testament... the seed is sown in northern France. More info ...

Bro Mike and Sis Betty Flaherty

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