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The Lord is good, good in Himself essentially and independently, eternally and unchangeably. He is good to His own people. Let us praise Him as good in the most emphatic and unlimited sense: “There is none good but One, that is, God” (Matt. 19:17). He is a “stronghold in a day of trouble” - the day of trouble when the trial is special, and the day of trouble which is temporary but yet long enough to last through our life unless the Lord prevent it, the day of trouble when within, without, around, there seem to be only care and fear and want and grief. Even in the midst of chaos “God is good”.

In our troubled day it is comforting to be able to rely on One who never changes. We place our trust in Him, and can do no better; we find no firmer stronghold, no stronger foundation.

Bro Claud Lamb

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