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Many thanks for the parcel of books you sent to me. The books are supplied to Ecclesial local Elders; this will build up the faith of our Brothers and Sisters in the Ecclesia’s area boundary.

We always pray God to give you the ability to complete translating a full Bible in Swahili. In Kenya there are many translators of Swahili Bibles that have many definitions.These translators are confusing Bible readers, for example they have defined in a certain translation that there is life somewhere after the death of a person, and they quote the following verses: Psalm 6:6, 115:17; Isaiah 38:18; Ezekiel 32:1732. Such translation may confuse readers, especially C.B.M. members. We pray that God may open doors of our C.B.M. team to translate a full Bible in Swahili so that the translation may be supplied to every member of C.B.M. in the Swahili world, or else we shall be confused.

I have been on a three-week refresher course of maintenance and repairs of sewing machines, which was sponsored by the Catholics from Holland, for I am their instructor in garment construction in their sponsored vocational training centre.

I have requested the C.B.M. UK to sponsor a tailoring school which would be operated in the Ecclesia, so that I may withdraw from the Catholics’ premises. I want this tailoring school to become an ecclesial investment project so that it may benefit the Ecclesia’s members in the area and the surrounding community. This is the only way that can avoid me from working with the Catholics.

The Agape students from Tongaren are doing their exams of form four this year, and as soon as they return home the ecclesia will be busy for youth projects, such as Bible Studies and Bible Schools: some are baptised and some are studying. Will you please send us the booklets for Bible revision. Also they need their own Bibles. Their names are as follows: Herbert Wanyama, Stellar Barosa, Nicholus Simiyu, Dora Nana, Nelson Wandela, Faith Kisaka, Silvia Kadrieray, Shilar Mwanisa, Esther Kunusia and Esther Kadenge. We shall be grateful if you will send English Bibles to these candidates.

Bro Isaac Kapa (Tongaren, Kenya)

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