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Troubles come upon all of us. Sometimes it seems as if they will overwhelm us. Everyone sooner or later has such moments of crisis among the thousands of natural shocks that the flesh is heir to. They can even be so bad that we just want to escape from the threat of being overwhelmed. David expresses this emotion in Psalm 55:45. The desire is to just get away from it all. People can feel like Job who could not escape from the troubles that had come upon him. He opens the cycle of speeches with a cry of anguish (3:3-4).

We pray about our problems seeking God’s guidance (1 Peter 3:12; Psalm 34:7). Many have lost their faith, asking ‘How could there be a God who would allow anyone to suffer like this?’ But we as Christians day and night gather our strength to follow the steps of our Saviour Jesus Christ who faced the crucial death on the cross. As the Almighty God had said, “Surely you shall die” (Genesis 2:7). Every human being born of woman shall die (Genesis 3:19).

Death is faced for what it is. Job calls it the king of terrors (18:14). Paul speaks of death as the last and great enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26). Humanity lives all their lives in fear of it (Hebrews 2:17). The fear of death grips our society more than we like to admit. But for those in Christ, at the harvest at his return and judgement, all those who have laboured in the gospel will rejoice together (Matthew 13:39; John 4:35-36).

Bro Edwin Mule with his son Boyd Mule kneeling

Bro Edwin Mule (Chainmail, Zambia)

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